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ScrittuRa Festival • 2019

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ScrittuRa Festival • 2019
Several venues of Ravenna
Termine: 13.05.2019, 17.05.2019, 18.05.2019

For the sixth year in a row, ScrittuRa Festival, from 13 to 26 May, the literature and reading festival created by Matteo Cavezzali, will return in Ravenna.

This initiative will see in the piazzas, libraries and other buildings of Ravenna, Lugo di Romagna and other cities of the Province of Ravenna international authors like Paolo Rumiz, Italian journalist and writer who will converse with Federica Angelini and Matteo Cavezzali about his book “Il filo infinito”;  Lisa Halliday, American writer who will officially open the Festival talking with the writer Paolo Di Paolo about his book “Asymmetry”, which marks the new chapter of the "Great American novel"Vito Mancuso, Italian theologian and professor who deals with a typical mystery of humankind in his "La via della bellezza". There will be also Concita De Gregorio, Italian journalist, writer, radio hostess and columnist of "La Repubblica" will converse with Matteo Cavezzali about politics, intrigues and plots which are in her novel "Nella notte”; Elio, after the Storie Tese comes back with the comedy “Uaired” (La Nave di Teseo) and will dialogue with Matteo Cavezzali; finally, Stefano Benni, Italian writer, humorist, journalist, screenwriter, poet and playwright will show the reading “Dancing Paradiso”.

A series of very interesting collateral initiatives will start too: from the writing workshops by the writer Grazia Verasani and the screenwriter Paola Mammini to the drawing workshops by the illustrator Alessandro Bonaccorsi.
A limited number of participants is available for the workshop. Registration is compulsory. You can sign up at the Dante Library of Longo, in via Diaz, 39 or write to

The entire programme will be soon visible on



Monday, 3 June

"Middle England" by Jonathan Coe
Time: 6pm | Congressi Palace
A travel through the English crisis during the Brexit. Conversation with Matteo Cavezzali.

Surprise date

"Le parole dell'ombra" by Vinicio Capossela
Time: 6pm | Place to define
A study on the connection between words and music. The singer-songwriter and writer will dialogue with Alberto Rollo.



Friday, 24 May

Agnese Baruzzi - "Trasformanimali" | Cloister of the Carmine in Lugo
Time: 5pm 
Reading and workshop about transformations: funny animals will appear with everyday things. For kids from 5 years old with their families.
In case of bad weather, the meeting will take place at the Guys Section of the Trisi Library


Friday, 24 May

"I fratelli Michelangelo" by Vanni Santoni
Time: 6pm | Cloister of the Carmine
A gallery of important celebrities, Vanni Santoni will dialogue with Corrado Ravaioli.

Saturday, 25 May 

 "Magia Nera" by Loredana Lipperini
Time: 6pm | Cloister of the Carmine
Writing "fantasy" with Fahrenheit of Radio Rai 3. Conversation with Patrizi Randi.

 "Dancing Paradiso" by Stefano Benni
Time: 9pm - 11pm | Pavaglione of Lugo di Romagna 
Stefano Benni will read a piece from “Dancing Paradiso” (Feltrinelli) at the Pavaglione. Dancing Paradiso is a nightspot of a cruel metropolis, where “you can't be good to enter / they take also the lowlifes / and sometimes they make them change”.

Sunday, 26 May

• "Nel silenzio delle nostre parole" by Simona Sparaco
Time: 6pm | Cloister of the Carmine
Winner of the award DEA Planeta, dialogue with Stefano Bon.

 "Un piccolo buio" by Massimo Coppola
Time: 9pm | Pavaglione
Author and presenter of cult TV programme will dialogue with Matteo Cavezzali about the fear of living, which is typical of our time.



Monday, 6 May

“Il filo infinito” by Paolo Rumiz
Time: 6pm - 7.30pm | Classense Library 
A new great journey from Norcia and way back, across the Europe of the monasteries, to rediscover our basic values. The author will dialogue with Federica Angelini and Matteo Cavezzali.

Monday, 13 May

“Asymmetry” by Lisa Halliday
Time: 6pm - 7.30pm | Classense Library
A love story between a young woman who works in the publishing house and a famous seventy-year-old writer. It is a liaison where the economic power, but also the fame and experience of life, stand aside, a very current mood of the #metoo movement. The American author will dialogue with the writer Paolo Di Paolo.

Tuesday, 14 May

"La stagione delle nomine" by Pier Luigi Celli
Time: 6pm | Oriani Library
A narration about the positions that are at the summit of the state enterprises and how the crime entered in the Italian State. A dialogue with historian Andrea Baravelli.

Wednesday, 15 May

"Fedeltà" by Marco Missiroli
Time: 6pm| Classense Library
A novel that deals with faithfulness to others but also to oneself. The author will talk with Stefano Bon.

Thursday, 16 May

• "Di sangue e di ghiaccio" by Mattia Conti
Time: 5pm | Dante di Longo bookstore
An insane reality that turns into a black fairy tale.

 "Polis" by Ascanio Celestini
Time: 9pm | Dante Alighieri Theatre

Friday, 17 May

"Nati per leggere" by Alfonso Cuccurullo
Time: 5pm | Piazza Unità d'Italia
Meeting about the literature for kids, in order to celebrate the 20 years old of "Nati per leggere".

"Fare festa coi libri"
Time: 6pm | Piazza Unità d'Italia
Ideas to liven up the city thanks to books.

• "La via della bellezza" by Vito Mancuso
Time: 9pm - 11pm| Piazza Unità d'Italia
Why do we search the beauty? Vito Mancuso deals with a mystery that is typical of humankind and tries to investigate its depth in order to find the bearings towards the truth. 
In case of bad weather, the meeting will take place at the Classense Library

Saturday, 18 May

• "Scrivere in serie"
Time: 6pm | Piazza Unità d'Italia
Meeting that will interest the passionates of TV series, with the screenwriter of 1993 Alessandro Fabbri, the producer of Cattleya Francesca Longardi and the screenwriter of Gomorra Ludovica Rampoldi. A dialogue with Alberto Rollo.

• "Nella notte" by Concita De Gregorio
Time: 9pm | Piazza Unità d'Italia
Concita De Gregorio will talk about “Nella notte” (Feltrinelli) with Matteo Cavezzali. The novel is about politics, intrigues and plots, and deals with the present and the dark inner mechanism of power.
In case of bad weather, the meeting will take place at the Classense Library

Sunday, 19 May

• Beatrice Masini
Time: 5pm | Corte Cavour
Writer, editor and translator - the author of the narrative for kids and adults will dialogue with Nicoletta Bacco.

• "Cameretta che già fosti un porto" by Nadia Terranova, Marco Franzoso and Andrea Gentile
Time: 6pm | Corte Cavour
A dialogue with Alberto Rollo about the future Italian literature.

 "Il vecchio e il tour" by Michele Dalai
Time: 9pm | Piazza Kennedy


Saturday, 4 May

“Cuori Bruciati” with Davide Reviati
Inauguration: 6pm | Classense Library
The exhibition will be visible until Sunday, 16 June: 3.30pm - 6.30pm. In the morning, open only for trips and class trips with reservation (+39 0544 482116). The exhibition displays the original works by Reviati, illustrator of the awarded graphic novels "Morti di sonno", "Sputa tre volte" and his unpublished volume "Chickamauga".


Friday, 17 May

Alessandro Bonaccorsi - "Corso di disegno brutto" - drawing workshop | Classense Library - Holden section
Time: from 10am to 1pm

Saturday, 18  May

Grazia Verasani - "Scrivere un libro" - writing workshop | Classense Library - Holden section
Time: from 10am to 1pm

Sunday, 19  May

Paola Mammini - "Scrivere per il cinema" - writing workshop | Media room of the cloister of the Basilica of San Francesco
Time: from 10am to 1pm


Wednesday, 22 May

"L'abisso di Eros" by Matteo Nucci
Time: 8pm | Geologic Park of San Potito
A travel in the antique Greece and the idea of eternal love.

Thursday, 23 May

"Il censimento del radical chic" by Giacomo Papi
Time: 6pm | Cloister of the Carmine
Giacomo Papi will dialogue with Federica Angelini about the intellectuals in Italy, which is a continuous witch hunt.

• "Uaired" by Elio
 9pm - 11pm | Pavaglione of Lugo di Romagna 
After "Le Storie Tese", Elio return with “Uaired” (La Nave di Teseo) at the Pavaglione. It is an ironic and brilliant comedy about the digital era, the research of happiness and his unpredictable consequences. Elio and Franco Losi dialogue with Matteo Cavezzali.

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Several venues of Ravenna

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