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GialloLuna NeroNotte 2016

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GialloLuna NeroNotte 2016
An verschiedenen Orten der Stadt - Ravenna
Termine: 22.10.2016, 26.10.2016, 27.10.2016, 28.10.2016, 29.10.2016, 31.10.2016

Sport hurts, sometimes kills: this is the title of the new edition of GialloLuna NeroNotte, the literary festival of Italian noir and thriller at its 14th edition. An obscure and original way to celebrate the election of Ravenna as European City of Sport 2016, and at the same time the European Cup and Rio Olympics. The seat of the 2016 edition of the Festival will be the Palace of Congresses in Ravenna, that will turn into a cult place for noir-lovers and thriller enthusiasts from October 22nd to November 1st.

The Festival is opening with a preview on Saturday 22nd with an entire day dedicated to Tiziano Sclavi and its most famous creation, the comics Dylan Dog. This special anniversary celebrates also the 14th birthday of GialloLuna NeroNotte and of Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest. This year the festivals will present a shared calendar of events, literary conferences and screenings of films.

Wednesday 26 October

• Baldovino Wine Bar, Via Tombesi dall’Ova 11
Il lato oscuro dei romanzi | 6pm
Meeting with writer Nicola Lombardi. In partnership with Liberamente Libri.

Thursday 27 October

• Palace of Congresses, Largo Firenze 1
Lo sport fa male, a volte uccide
| 10am
Opening of the exhibit with works realised by students of Liceo Artistico “Nervi-Severini” of Ravenna ofr the 6th edition of project “GialloLuna va a suola”.
After: award ceremony of school grants promoted by the Festival and award of participation to the students of Liceo Scientifico “A. Oriani” of Ravenna and presentation of the e-book with their best works. 

Libreria del Giallo e del Nero | 6pm
Opening of the bookshop, in partnership with Liberamente Libri.

La Romagna in noir, autori locali vecchi e nuovi | 6pm
Meeting with Davide Bacchilega, Massimo Padua, Silvia Bertozzi.

Friday 28 October

• Palace of Congresses, Largo Firenze 1
Gli action thriller made in Italy
| 6pm
Meeting with Gianfranco Nerozzi and Sergio “Alan D.” Altieri, for the 35th anniversary of the publishing of his first novel “Città oscura”.

• I Passatelli - Mariani Life Style, Via Ponte Marino 19
GialloLuna 2016
| 9pm
Award ceremony of "Concorso per racconti inediti", in partnership with “Il Giallo Mondadori”; award ceremony of "Concorso per romanzo inedito", in partnership with “NeroPress” publishing. Award ceremony of Premio GialloLuna 2016 to the author/editor of the year.
After: dinner and live music.

Saturday 29 October

• Palace of Congresses, Largo Firenze 1
Criminologi veri e letterari
 | 10am
Conversation with Law Professors and thriller writers, in partnership with Fondazione Flaminia per l’Università in Romagna.

Lo sport uccide (davvero) | 6pm
Meeting with authors: Paolo Foschi, Gianluca Campagna, Claudio Paglieri, Luca Poldelmengo.

Monday 31 October

• Palace of Congresses, Largo Firenze 1
Se il bosco fa paura | 6pm
Meeting with Riccardo Gazzaniga, and presentation of his latest novel, “Non devi dirlo a nessuno”, Einaudi Publishing.

• Almagià, Via dell'Almagià 50
GialloLuna per bambini
| 8pm
Scary reading sessions during Halloween night: the traditional thriller event for children and their families. In  partnership with Teatro del Drago.




Tuesday, 18 October

• Albergo Cappello, Via IV novembre
Aspettando GialloLuna NeroNotte 2016
 | 6pm
Presentation of Fucsia, anthology curated by Gianluca Morozzi, Clown Bianco Edizioni, at the presence of curator, editor and some authors.

Saturday, 22 October

• Palace of Congresses, Largo Firenze 1
Dylan Dog – Trent’anni d’indagini dell’incubo
 | 10am
Opening of the exhibit with original tables and reproductions. In partnership with Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest.

Nessuno siam perfetti | 11am
Film by Giancarlo Soldi: a vivid documentary on the world of Tiziano Sclavi, mysterious and introverted author. Second screening: 8pm.

Le storie di Craven Road | 6pm
Conference with screenwriters and cartoonists of Dylan Dog, with the participation of: Paola Barbato, Cristiana Astori, Giancarlo Marzano, Gigi Simeoni, Corrado Roi. For students of Liceo Artistico P. L. Nervi e del Liceo Statale A. Oriani di Ravenna

Nessuno siam perfetti | 8.30pm
Film by Giancarlo Soldi: a vivid documentary on the world of Tiziano Sclavi, mysterious and introverted author. With the presence of Giancarlo Soldi, director, and Massimo Perissinotto, cinema critic.

Dellamorte Dellamore | 10pm
Film by Michele Soavi, cinema adaptation of Sclavi's novel of the same name. Screening at the presence of Michele Soavi, director, and Massimo Perissinotto, critic. In partnership with Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest.

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