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Festival Naturae • 2018

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Festival Naturae • 2018
Via Marignolli, 26 - Lido di Classe
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 23.07.2018 bis 29.07.2018. Die Veranstaltung findet auch am 19.07.2018

La Campaza, Via Romea Sud, 395 Fosso GhiaiaFestival Naturae aims at celebrating and promoting the wonderful natural landscapes of Lido di Classe (one of the 9 seaside resorts along the coast of Ravenna), its beautiful unspoiled beaches, dunes, the bends of Bevano river and the lush ancient pine forest of Classe.

Organized by Associazione Solaris in collaboration with Comitato Cittadino di Lido di Classe, Assessorato al Decentramento del Comune di Ravenna, Circoscrizione di Castiglione di Ravenna, Ufficio Territoriale Carabinieri per la Biodiversità of Punta Marina, Po Delta Regional Park and Ricicloofficina of Ravenna.


• Passegiando in pineta (Walking through the Pine forest)
Escursioni in Bicicletta (Excursions by bike)
• Il Lido delle Favole (The Lido of the Fairy tales)
• Pratica... mente al mare (Almost to the sea)
• A Rimirar le Stelle (Admiring the stars)
I Concerti


• "DUNE" by Maria Vodarich
Hotel King Marte | Via Fratelli Vivaldi, 40/42 

• "SERANATA ALLA LUNA" by Delio Piccioni
Cinema Arena del Sole | Via Marignolli, 26

• "ART IN MUSIC" by Pasquale Colucci
Cinema Arena del Sole | Via Marignolli, 26

• "PASSI DI DONNA" by Viviana Graziani
Hotel Krone | Viale Fratelli Vivaldi, 38 


Evening concert: l'urlo dell'africanità | At 6.30pm
Cinema Arena del Sole (Green Area) - Piazza M. Ricci, 26
Live with Lisa Manara (voice), Davide Fasulo (keyboard), Aldo Betto (guitar), Youssef Ait Bouazza (drums)

Bio and Vegan… few steps away from the sea From the afternoon until night
Cinema Arena del Sole (Green Area) - Piazza M. Ricci, 26
Food and Drink Booths with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free specialties. Curated by La Bottega del benessere di Bagnacavallo (RA). Moreover, Wellness area curated by OlistiKa-Ravenna Shiatsu, with certified operators

Cultural Bike
Guided tour to: Il Villaggio delle Cicogne
La Campaza, Via Romea Sud, 395 Fosso Ghiaia
At 8.30pm • Meeting and departure from Cinema Arena del Sole (Green Area) - Piazza M. Ricci, 26
Bike ride guided by Angelo Gasperoni. 

At 10am • Coffee break  
Guided tour to: La Casetta del Villaggio delle Cicogne

At 12pm • Naturae Menù 
Organised Lunch at La Campaza. Only on reservation. You can also reach the place by car
Info: +39 338 8408746

Il Lido Delle Favole
At 10am Travelling with the Siren
Tale by Roberto Papetti

At 4pm Bike ride to the fishing huts
Dopple departure
1) From the beach resort Bagno Milano, Ristorante Kontiki, Lido di Savio (Info: +39 0544 948040)
2) From Cinema Arena del Sole, Lido di Classe (Info: +39 340 3553816)

At 5pm Arrival
Birdwatching, fishing trials, break with drinks

Hata Yoga | At 8am
Meeting point: Bar Calipsho - Via Marco Polo, 22
Two restoring Hata Yoga meetings for anyone right in the heart of the Pinewood of Lido di Classe, with teacher Leonardo Cisterni. Take the exercise mat and a towel with you, with water bottle and comfortable clothing. Duration: 2'.
Participation with donation. Info: +39 346 7008898

Piadina, my piadina… Piadina Anna | At 10am
Viale dei Lombardi, 64
Workshop to learn how to make piadina, cook it and... eat it

By Rina Fiumana Godoli | At 5pm
Via Pancaldo, Lido di Classe
An afternoon dedicated to poetry


Excursion on canoe and birdwatching in the waters of Bevano River | At 9.30am
Starting point: Centro Visite "Cubo Magico Bevanella" - Via Canale Pergami, 80 Savio
With Angelo Modanesi of Canoa Club of Milano Marittima. 
Info and reservations: +39 333 9949985

Love my dog: the importance of a correct adoption | At 5pm
Cinema Arena del Sole (Green Area) - Piazza M. Ricci, 26
Relationship child/adult and pet, step by step until the last goodbye. Talking session with Doctor Carla Ricci Mi.Ma.Vet, with the collaboration of Nicoletta Giudicini, Arca 2005


Concert at the Mouth of river Bevano: Solmeriggio live | At 5.30pm
With Agnese Alteri (voice), Davide Santandrea (guitar), Marcella Trioschi (cello)
In collaboration with Comitato Cittadino di Lido di Dante
Info: +39 380 4263925

Recommended departure points for reaching the Mouth of Bevano River:
From Lido di Classe:
At 4pm On canoe from Centro Visite "Cubo Magico Bevanella"
Info and canoe reservations: +39 333 9949985
At 4.30pm On foot, along the beach, walking through the pinewood
At 5pm By bike, alone

From Lido di Dante:
At 3pm By bike from Piazzetta Lungomare
At 4.30pm From Piazzetta Lungomare, electric ferry boart
Info and reservations: +39 333 5708323


Screenings will start every evening at 9.30pm at Cinema Arena del Sole - screenings will be held in Italian

Monday, 23 July
Le meraviglie del mare
Documentary, duration 86'
A film by Jean-Michel Cousteau, Jean-Jacques Mantello, with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tuesday, 24 July
Animation, duration 106'
A film by Carlos Saldanha, Cathy Malkasian, Jeff McGrath

A seguire
Gatta Cenerentola
Animation, duration 86'
A film byIvan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, Alessandro Rak, Dario Sansone

Wednesday, 25 July
Charley Thompson
Drammatic, duration 121'
A film by Andrew Haigh, with Charlie Plummer, Steve Buscemi, Chloë Sevigny, Travis Fimmel, Steve Zahn

Thursday, 26 July
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Action, duration 135'
A film by Ron Howard, with Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Thandie Newton

Friday, 27 July
L'isola dei cani
Animation, duration 101'
A film by Wes Anderson, with Bryan Cranston, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Greta Gerwig, Bill Murray

Saturday, 28 July
Jurassic World - Il Regno Distrutto
Action, Adventure, duration 128'
A film by J.A. Bayona, with Chris Pratt e Bryce Dallas Howard

Sunday, 29 July
Lazzaro felice
Drammatic, duration 130'
A film by Alice Rohrwacher, with Adriano Tardiolo, Alba Rohrwacher, Tommaso Ragno, Luca Chikovani, Agnese Graziani


Festival Naturae Preview 
Evening concert: C'è che per natura adoro la natura | At 6.30pm
Cinema Arena del Sole (Green Area) - Piazza M. Ricci, 26
Quintetto Fleurs with Roberto Renzi (voice), Andrea Cavina (guitar), Michele Fontana (clarinet), Elisa Porcinai (violin), Marcella Trioschi (cello), Daniele Scarazzati (reciter). From an idea by Paolo Benini, presenter Alberto Mazzotti

Dawn concert: Le prime luci dell'amore | At 6am
Spiaggia 30 - Viale Caboto
Roma Amor live with Euski (guitar, voice), Candela (accordion, bass), Renzo Famiglietti (saxophone)

A day in the waves: sailboat ride | At 10am
Circolo Nautico del Savio - Viale Caboto, 98
Sailboat ride of about 1 hour. Participation fee: 8€. Max 40 persons.
Info and reservations: +39 3804263925

Naturae Cubed | From 4pm to 7pm
Centro visite "Cubo Magico Bevanella" - Via Canale Pergami, 80 Savio
Funny Treasure Hunt for young and old ones to discover the typical animals and plants of the protected area of Bevano river with observations through the microscope, riddles, and curiosities
Free participation. Info: +39 335 5632818 / +39 0544 528710 / +39 0544 529260

Four steps into nature: Shadows get longer beyond the evening hours | At 9pm
Starting point: Reparto Carabinieri Biodiversità di Punta Marina Terme
Walking in the pine forest at night. With Paolo Benini, 


Day: "Spiagge e fondali puliti 2018" (Clean Beaches and Seabeds) and "Puliamo il Lido" (Let's clean the beach)
Cinema Arena del Sole (Green Area) - Piazza M. Ricci, 26

Let's clean the beach | At 9am
Environmental day in collaboration with Circolo Matelda Legambiente of Ravenna, Comitato Cittadino of Lido di Classe, Gruppo Hera

The Great Lucky Dip | At 11.30am
Great Lucky Dip with rich prizes offered by the shopowners of Lido di Classe.
Later: snack offered by Comitato Cittadino to all the "garbage people"

Soft Bike trip, Serenading the Moon | At 9pm
Bike ride in the Pine Forest of Lido di Classe, guided by Angelo Gasperoni, to reach the place for the night fairy tale, told by Delio Piccioni. Original Music by Marta Celli (harp). 
Later: music will follow in the Green Area of Cinema Arena del Sole, with an aperitif offered by La Piscina ristorante pizzeria di Lido di Classe.
Info: +39 338 8408746

Fatti a mano di classe… Arte&Benessere | From 8pm
Art & Wellness. Handmade with... class

Canoe trip and birdwatching in the waters of Bevano River | At 9.30am
Meeting point: Centro visite "Cubo Magico Bevanella" - Via Canale Pergami, 80 Savio
With Angelo Modanesi of Canoa Club of Milano Marittima. Info and reservations: +39 333 9949985

Baby Horseman | At 10am
Soc. Agricola F.lli Valentini - Via Bormida Savio
Workshop: the Horse, get to know it, understand it, learn from it. First steps for communication. Curated by Scuola Italiana

Running in the Pinewood | At 5pm
Meeting and starting point: Cinema Arena del Sole (Green Area) - Piazza M. Ricci, 26
Running in the pinewood of Lido di Classe. The slowest participant will define the run speed. With Paolo Benini.
Info: +39 333 5615103

On a horse in the country | At 5pm
Agriturismo Ca' Marina - Via Adda, 3 Lido di Classe
Max 10 persons. Info and reservations: +39 340 4929640 (Luana)

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Via Marignolli, 26 - Lido di Classe
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