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Mosaico d’Europa Film Fest 2014

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Mosaico d’Europa Film Fest
Cinema Corso - Via di Roma, 59
Cinema Mariani - Via Ponte Marino, 29
Dates: Saturday 5th - Saturday 12th April 2014

The programme of the 8th Mosaico d’Europa Film Fest – European Film Festival (MEFF) includes many events and previews. For a whole week, the city of Ravenna turns into a real cinema hall, screening the best European film productions.

Core of the festival is the International Feature Film Competition, a selection of the best award-winning films at the most important international festivals, among which the outstanding A Field in England, the latest surrealistic work of the English cult director Ben Wheatley.

Among the side events, some special screenings like Only Lovers Left Alive, the long-awaited movie by Jim Jarmusch, a successful retelling of a vampire film; Stray Dogs by the Taiwanese Tsai Ming-Liang from the 2013 Venice Film Festival; The Look Of Love, a biopic by Michael Winterbottom on the publisher of erotic magazines Paul Raymond, dubbed “The King of Soho”, one of the wealthiest men in the UKand The Missing Picture by Rithy Panh, a French-Cambodian co-production nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. A heartfelt tribute to master Francesco Rosi, the author of milestones of the Italian cinema such as Salvatore Giuliano, Le mani sulla città (Hands Over the City), Uomini contro (Many Wars Ago) and Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (Christ Stopped at Eboli), complete the programme.

• Cinema Mariani
Corti d'Oro | 3pm * Admission with reduced price
Le cri du Homard by Nicolas Guiot (Belgium), duration 30'
Morning by Cathy Brad, Irlanda, duration 21'
To guard a mountain by Izer Aliu (Norwey), duration 25'

Centenario | 4.30pm
Cabiria by Giovanni Pastrone (Italy, 1914), duration 148'

• Cinema Corso
Competition | 8.30pm
Circles by Srdan Golubovic (Serbia, 2013), duration 107'

It was 1964 | 10.30pm * Admission free
La donna scimmia by Marco Ferreri (Italy, 1964), duration 92'

• Cinema Mariani
Special event Tsai Ming-liang | 3pm - Repeat on Saturday, 12th April at 3pm
Stray dogs by Tsai Ming-liang (Taipei, 2013), duration 138'

• Cinema Corso
An Italian case | 6.15pm
Spaghetti story by Ciro de Caro (Italy, 2013), duration 82'

Special event | 8.30pm
Tje missing picture by Rithy Panh (France-Cambodia, 2013), duration 90'

Francesco Rosi | 10.15pm * Admission free
Uomini contro (Italy, 1970), duration 101'

• Cinema Mariani
Francesco Rosi | 6pm
Il caso Mattei (Italy, 1972), duration 118'

European Competition | 8.30pm - Repeat on Thursday, 10th April at 4pm
Class enemy by Rok Biček (Slovenia, 2013), duration 112'

European Competition | 10.30pm - Repeat on Thursday, 10th April at 6pm
The selfish giant by Clio Barnard (UK, 2013), duration 91'

• Cinema Mariani
It was 1964 | 6pm * Admission free
Il vangelo secondo Matteo by P. P. Pasolini (Italia, 1964), duration 137'

European Competition | 8.30pm - Repeat on Friday, 11th April at 3pm
A field in England by Ben Wheatley (UK, 2013), duration 90'

Special event Jim Jarmusch | 22.15 - Repeat on Friday, 11th April at 10.20pm
Only lovers left alive by Jim Jarmusch (UK, 2013), duration 122'

• Cinema Corso
Francesco Rosi | 5.30pm * Admission free
Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (Italy, 1979), duration 150'

European Competition | 8.30pm
Quod erat demonstrandum di Andrei Gruzsnicki (Romania, 2013), duration 105'

It was 1964 | 10.30pm * Admission free
Prima della rivoluzione by Bernardo Bertolucci (Italy, 1964), duration 107'

• Cinema Mariani
European Competition (Repeat) | 4pm
Classe enemy by Rok Biček (Slovenia, 2013), duration 112'

European Competition (Repeat| 6pm
The selfish giant by Clio Barnard (UK, 2013), duration 91'

European Competition | 8.30pm
Wolf di Jim Taihuttu (Holland, 2013), duration 122'

Special event | 10.40pm
Blue ruin by Jeremy Saulnier (Usa, 2013), duration 91'

• Cinema Mariani
European Competition (Repeat)| 3pm
A field in England by Ben Wheatley (UK, 2013), duration 90'

European Competition | 4.45pm
Eastern boys by Robin Campillo (France, 2013), duration 128'

• Cinema Corso
European Competition | 8.30pm
The deep by Baltasar Kormákur (Iceland, 2013), duration 95'

Special event Jim Jarmusch (Repeat) | 10.20pm
Only lovers left alive di Jim Jarmusch (UK, 2013), duration 122'

• Cinema Mariani
Special event Tsai Ming-liang (Repeat) | 3pm
Stray dogs by Tsai Ming-liang (Taipei, 2013), duration 138'

Competition | 5.30pm
What Richard did byLenny Abrahamson (Iceland, 2013), duration 88'

• Cinema Corso
Corti d'oro / presentation Mordraud | 8.30pm * Admission with reduced price
El venededor de humo by Jaime Sellés (Spain), duration 6'
L'esecuzione by Enrico Iannacone (Italy), duration 15'
Dance musica now by Johan Jonason (Sweden), duration 9'
Mordraud by Riccardo Piana (Italy, 2014), duration 23'
Riccardo Piana and screenwriter Fabio Scalini will be present in theater.

Award ceremony – special event Michael Winterbottom | 10pm
The look of love by Michael Winterbottom (UK, 2013), duration 99'

Ticket priceS for one screening: 5€; concession 2,50€. Accrediting: 5€.
All films are in original version with Italian subtitles or in Italian language. The cinema reserves the right to make changes to programme. All screenings are prohibited under the age of 18.

The Festival is part of the calendar of “Prove Tecniche 2019”, a series of events and meetings organized by the City of Ravenna within its bid for European Capital of Culture in 2019.

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