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ArtSTORIA 5x5x5
Cinema Astoria - via Trieste, 233
Termine: 12.02.2017, 12.03.2017, 09.04.2017, 07.05.2017

What's left in our retina of all the pictures that hit us every day? What are the images that are able to move us and which ones fade easily with no traces? ArtSTORIA 5x5x5 is the new project by Elettra Stamboulis, realised by Associazione culturale Mirada, in partnership with Accademia di Belle Arti - Academy of Fine Arts, Ravenna City Council and Cinema Astoria.

5 Professors of Ravenna Academy of Fine Arts selected a film each, that influenced them in a particular way and contributed to their vision of the world. 5 artists - who participated to project RAM - worked on exhibitions dedicated to the selected films. Finally, the event takes place in a quintessential venue: Cinema Astoria.

Entry (buffet included): 10€


Sunday 7 May6.30pm | Opening of the exhibition by Maria Ghetti with aperitif
8.15pm | Screening of film The Danish Girl by Tom Hooper (Biography, 120')
Film selected by Paola Babini.



Opening 15 January6.30pm | Opening of the exhibition by Sara Vasini with aperitif
8.15pm | Screening of film Donne senza uomini by Shirin Neshat (Drama, 95')
Film selected by 
Maria Rita Bentini.

Sunday 12 February
6.30pm | Opening of the exhibition by Nicola Daldazzi with aperitif
8.15pm | Screening of film Paris Texas by Wim Wenders (Drama, 150')
Film selected by Alberto Giorgio Cassani.

Sunday 12 March6.30pm | Opening of the exhibition by Miriam Dessì with aperitif
8.15pm | Screening of film Il cielo sopra Berlino by Wim Wenders (Fantasy, 130')
Film selected by Andrea Chiesi.

Sunday 9 April
6.30pm | Opening of the exhibition by Viktor Fotso with aperitif
8.15pm | Screening of film Francofonia by Aleksandr Sokurov (Drama, 87')
Film selected by Leonardo Pivi.

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Cinema Astoria - via Trieste, 233

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