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arRAngiati • 2019

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arRAngiati • 2019
Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste - Piazza Kennedy, 12
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 27.04.2019 bis 21.05.2019
Ruhetag: Montag
Zeit: 3pm - 6pm (from Tuesday to Friday); 11am - 6pm (Saturday and Sunday). Saturday, 27 April and from 18 to 21 May opening in the evening until 10pm

Inauguration: Saturday 27 April, at 8pm

How about becoming a tourist for a day? Let's take a look at Ravenna with a different gaze as if it were the first time.

That's how the guys of photo marathon #arRAngiati (Margherita Bessi, Bianca Venturelli and Davide Marino) challenged their fellow citizens (old and young, photographers and no) in the past two years: to engage in a funny and irreverent photo competition through the streets of the city centre.

The project started in 2015, and after the first three editions and a first exhibit last year, the majestic Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste will host for the second time a dedicated exhibition from 27 April to 21 May. 18 selected shots will show an unusual side of Ravenna, different from the image that is so familiar to tourists and citizens alike.

From the traditional mosaics to the innovative Darsena, from street art to food delicacies: the pictures, taken with a reflex or smartphones, represent a fresh view of the city, a different sight far from the classic stereotypes.

Free admission

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Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste - Piazza Kennedy, 12

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