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Tracce di migranti - Nuovi paesaggi umani

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Tracce di migranti - Nuovi paesaggi umani
Palazzo Rasponi 2 - Via M.d'Azeglio , 2
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 15.05.2019 bis 26.05.2019
Zeit: from 5pm to 7.30pm

Inauguration: Wednesday, 15 May, at 6.30pm

In the rooms of Palazzo Rasponi 2, the new photographic exhibition Tracce di migranti - Nuovi paesaggi umani explores the history of the movement of migrants, starting from 1998, analysing the situation in Ravenna and then in France and Calabria.
This collective photographic project, with images by Luca Gambi and Luciano Nadalini, texts by Maurizio Masotti (curator of the project), Carla Babini, Francesco Bernabini, Marina Mannucci and Paolo Montanari, focuses on the changes society underwent, especially as regards the social fabric of the work and of the school.
"Tracce di migranti" is food for thoughts about the new generations that wait to be inserted in society and have often to deal with a hostile context. In collaboration with the Immigration Department of the Municipality of Ravenna. 

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Palazzo Rasponi 2 - Via M.d'Azeglio , 2
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