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Paolo Albani: Ma questo è un libro?

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Paolo Albani: Ma questo è un libro?
Classense Library / Corridoio Grande - via Baccarini, 3
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 23.09.2017 bis 19.11.2017
Zeit: from Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 6pm, Monday 2pm - 6pm. Closed for public holidays.

Opening: Saturday, 23 September at 5pm

The Classense Library introduces the bibliographic exhibition Ma questo è un libro? on show from Saturdaty 23rd Septemer to Sunday 19th November by Paolo Albani, curated by Paolo Albani himself with the collaboration of Mara Sorrentino, Gabriele Pezzi and Dino Silvestroni. The exhibition consists of about 30 object-books, which visitors cannot leaf through nor read. The book-objects, created within 1984 and today, are produced as a single copy but are made with the most different materials, in the continuous research of a balance between art and game.

Albani is an abnormal sciences and imaginary languages scholar and author of a collection on the Italian "mattoidi". He is also a leader of the Fondo Amadei of the Classense Library, a collection of manuscripts and books by "abnormal" authors. This collection, created by Giuseppe Amadei (1854-1919) psychiatrist and psychologist was bought 1998 by the Classense Library and includes the printed works of art of the "mattoidi", a term with which where defined paranoiac but brilliant people.

The exhibition is hosted in the historic venue of the Corridoio Grande of the library and presents a bibliographic collection unique of its kind, very significant for the studies in positivist psychiatry.

At the opening at Sala Muratori will be present Maurizio Tarantino director of the Classense Library Institution, Ada De Pirro art historian and Paolo Albani artist and curator of the exhibition.

Admission is free

Paolo Albani (1946). Writer, visual poet and performer, directed by Tèchne, rivista di bizzarrie letterarie e non, is  memeber of 'Oplepo (Opificio di Letteratura Potenziale) and author of comic-surreal stories and encyclopaedias for Zanichelli and Quodlibet.

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