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Olindo Guerrini. I Sonetti Romagnoli, le carte e i libri

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Olindo Guerrini. I Sonetti Romagnoli, le carte e i libri
Classense Library (Manica Lunga) - via Baccarini, 3/a
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 28.02.2017 bis 06.05.2017
Ruhetag: Montag, Sonntag
Zeit: from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm

Opening: Saturday 25 February, 5pm | Sala Muratori (Classense Library)

Greetings of:
Elsa Signorino, Deputy Mayor for Culture - Ravenna City Council
Livia Zaccagnini, President of Istituzione Biblioteca Classense

Participation of:
Claudia Giuliani, Director of Istituzione Biblioteca Classense
Renzo Cremante, University of Pavia
Paolo Belletti, Association Amici di Olindo Guerrini
Federica Marinoni, University of Pavia
Alessandro Luparini, Director of Oriani Library

Readings by Giuseppe Bellosi and Nevio Spadoni

Classense Library pays homage to poet Olindo Guerrini with an exhibition dedicated to his Sonetti Romagnoli, entitled S'aví pazenzía d'lezar ste librett...Olindo Guerrini, I Sonetti Romagnoli, le carte e i libri. A remarkable opportunity to get to know the life and poetics of an author, that still nowadays is considered the most meaningful poet writing in the dialect of Romagna.

The exhibition is also a chance to enhance his documentary and book heritage preserved in the libraries of the territory, in particular concerning his production in dialect.

Free admission. Guided tours upon reservation +39 335 312910

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Classense Library (Manica Lunga) - via Baccarini, 3/a
+39 0544 482116

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