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Mamma e babbo carissimi…

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Mamma e babbo carissimi…
Classense Library - Via Alfredo Baccarini, 3
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 23.12.2018 bis 27.01.2019, except on 31.01.2018, on 24.12.2018, on 25.12.2018 and on 01.01.2019
Zeit: 9am - 7pm (Tuesday to Saturday); 2pm - 7pm (Sunday and Monday)

In the hallway Corridoio Grande of the Classense Library, the exhibition Mamma e babbo carissimi… will be on display until 27th January 2019.

More than 160 Christmas letters, gathered by Vittorio Pranzini over the years, keep a tradition linked to a particular moment of anyone's life alive - childhood and Christmas. Through the decorations, the handwriting, the content and the signature, each example on display is a unique piece that witnesses the personality of the little author and, at the same time, it reveals some of the social and educational aspects of his time.

The exhibition covers a period of one century - up to the '50es of the 20th century. Looking at them, it seems clear how the tradition has survived time, remaining almost unvaried both in the use of colourful papers and cards and in the literary style, despite the social changes over time.

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Classense Library - Via Alfredo Baccarini, 3
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