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Lilly Meraviglia • Brainstorm

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Lilly Meraviglia • Brainstorm
Magazzeno Art Gallery - via Magazzini Posteriori, 37
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 07.06.2019 bis 22.06.2019
Ruhetag: Sonntag
Zeit: 10.30am-12.30pm (Monday to Friday); 6pm-10pm (Wednesday to Saturday)

Inauguration: Friday, 7 June from 3pm; the artist will be present at the event

The exhibition-event of artist and influencer Lilly Meraviglia arrives at Mag. Brainstorm, from an idea by Alice Lonardi, addresses to a young and "social" public, but not only: she is one of the most followed artists on Instagram and Youtube and she was able, with her comicality and charisma, to attract millions of people. Thanks to her love for painting, graphics and illustrations, she was able to create a bridge and connect contemporary art and young people.

Lilly Meraviglia reveals her world made of floating and intense pink brains, bright colours, surreal graphics and extravagant scenarios.
The exhibition counts ten limited edition artworks and the table by Bonolabo "Skatebrein" will be presented exclusively for the occasion. Posters, t-shirts and stickers created for the event will be autographed by the artist who will personally meet her fans.

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Magazzeno Art Gallery - via Magazzini Posteriori, 37
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