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Franco Brambilla: Urania e altri mondi

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Franco Brambilla: Urania e altri mondi
Classense Library - Via Baccarini, 3
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 26.10.2018 bis 11.11.2018
Ruhetag: Montag, Sonntag
Zeit: 3pm - 6pm (Tuesday to Saturday); in the morning only for groups and schools upon reservation

Inauguration: Friday, 26th October, at 6pm

Franco Brambilla, the official cover artist of the amazing series Urania, is a talented creator of futurist scenarios. The visions that monthly accompany the covers of the several Mondadori's series are the living proof of his passion for the future and the possible evolutions of it 

The exhibition Franco Brambilla: Urania e altri mondi will reveal to the public the creative action that hides behind the illustrated story and the great passion of the artist for the future through the interaction with tables, sketches and digital reproductions.
Free admission 

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Classense Library - Via Baccarini, 3
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