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Dante Plus 2018

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Dante Plus 2018
Library of Contemporary History “Alfredo Oriani” - Via Corrado Ricci, 26
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 07.09.2018 bis 28.10.2018
Zeit: 9am - 1pm (from Monday to Friday); 3pm - 7pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Inauguration: Friday, 7 September, 6pm
Live drawing by Seacreative and Nicola "Rospo" Bustacchini
Video by Gangaproduction

The month of September in Ravenna is traditionally the month dedicated to the famous poet Dante Alighieri. In this context the collective exhibition Uno, nessuno e centomila volti is held and is programmed from the 7th September to the 28th October in the cloister of the Library of Contemporary History "Alfredo Oriani" in Ravenna.

The exhibition - part of a multi-year project entirely dedicated to Dante Alighieri and to his Divina Commedia that will end in 2021 for the seventh century of his death - aims to gather a group of artists, each of them different in his art, that will try to bring to life a new identity for the poet from drawings to comics to street art.

In fact, Dante is the most famous poet in the world and the Divina Commedia has certainly influenced the fantasy of every generation after him. The work of the poet has endured space and time and still exists nowadays. An exeptional work that succeeds to gather everybody, by talking about our fears, our feelings and our imperfections, a universal piece of art and a universally recognised one.

During the entire period of the exhibition in the gardens of the library, an installation by artist Alessandro Turoni will take place. The sculpture, entitled “La soglia dell’aldilà”, depicts a huge Cerberus.

From a project by Marco Miccoli of Bonobolabo.

Artists on display (the artworks are all on sale):Alberto Corradi  Alessandra Carloni • Andrea Dalla Barba  Andrea De Luca Bibbito • Bomboland  Brome  Camilla Garofano  Davide Bonazzi  Codeczombie  Dalia Del Bue  Davide Barco  Davide Bart Salvemini  Emanuele Racca Senior  Giordano Poloni  Giulia Flamini  Krayon  Goran LABADANzky u.a.m. Lisa Gelli  Marco Bonatti  Marco Galli  Marco Filicio  Maria Gabriella Gasparri  Marta Pantaleo • Massimiliano Marzucco  Michele Bruttomesso  Resli Tale  Roberto Gentili  TMX artist • Totto RennaValentina Lorizzo Werther Banfi

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Library of Contemporary History “Alfredo Oriani” - Via Corrado Ricci, 26
+39 328 6340102

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