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Critica in Arte 2016

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Critica in Arte 2016
MAR - Ravenna Art Museum - via di Roma, 13
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 20.11.2016 bis 08.01.2017, except on 25.12.2016 and on 01.01.2017
Ruhetag: Montag
Zeit: 9am - 6pm

The latest appointment of Critica in Arte (Critique in Art), the event for artists and critics under 40, is taking place at the MAR at its 9th edition.

The project includes the works of three young artists featuring three different personal exhibitions presented by three young critics with the declared aim of sheding light on the most talented art critics in Italy specialized in the artistic expressions of the last generations.

• Cristiano Tassinari
Curated by Roberta Pagani, independent curator. The display 55m2 it’s our home! intends to show the stereotypes within Italy and Europe, whose unity acts as a shield hiding old contradictions.

 Enrico Tealdi
Curated by Davide Caroli, curator at MAR. The theme of recollection and memory characterises the poetic of the artist through his small-scale works.

Gruppo CaCO3
Curated by Daniele Torcellini, independent curator and professor. The exhibition is an attempt to investigate the ways and shapes through which the context gives meaning to the ambiguous and/or hybrid objects within the context itself.

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MAR - Ravenna Art Museum - via di Roma, 13
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