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Cadaveri Deliziosi | Selvatico

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Cadaveri Deliziosi | Selvatico
Vibra - Palazzo Rasponi Murat - Piazza Kennedy / Via M.Fantuzzi, 8
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 07.12.2018 bis 13.01.2019
Ruhetag: Montag
Zeit: Tuesday to Friday: 5.30pm - 8pm; Saturday: 10am - 1pm / 5.30pm - 8pm; Sunday: 10am - 1pm
For other visit hours, make an appointment:

Vibra, the contemporary space of ideas in Palazzo Rasponi Murat welcomes the last stop of Selvatico, the itinerant exhibition in its 13th edition entitled "Fantasie e Fantasmi", with artistic direction by Massimiliano Fabbri.

The exhibition of Ravenna entitled Cadaveri Deliziosi, from 7th December 2018 to 13th January 2019, displays paintings by Gio Pistone and Nicola Alessandrini, two talented street artists with a surreal and controversial style.

At a first sight, they might seem very distant from one other, but they dialogue through their common research in symbols and imaginary screaming contaminations. Monstrous characters and fantastic, irritating, ironic, and flooring creatures surface: they are the nightmares of the past, loans from the future, human mutations or reality maybe?

Artistic direction: Massimiliano Fabbri. With the support of Regione Emilia Romagna/IBC Istituto per i Beni Artistici Culturali e Naturali. In collaboration with con Associazione culturale Primola

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Vibra - Palazzo Rasponi Murat - Piazza Kennedy / Via M.Fantuzzi, 8

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