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Artificerie Almagià

Thanks to the recovery carried out by the Municipality of Ravenna, owner of the building, Artificerie Almagià, ex-refinery located in the city dock of Ravenna – once the centre of the ancient Port has become an industrial architecture space serving as a cultural hub.

It is one of the favoured venues for events and productions related to the new contemporary artistic languages specifically addressed to the new generations. Its overall extensive cultural offer and diversity nonetheless attracts a wide intergenerational audience.

Theatre, dance, music and all the other forms of performing arts as well as visual arts, filmmaking, conferences, meetings and workshops are only some of the many activities that have tuned Almagià into a fundamental artistic space over the years: it has become the beating heart of a district that is undergoing a slow but constant recovery process.


Kongressräume/Fassungsvermögen: 2 / 1035
Hauptsaal/Fassungsvermögen: "Sala del Teatro" / 850


Jeden Tag: 10.00 - 18.00 Uhr


Audioaufzeichnung, Bar, Leitstand, Internetverbindung, Garderobe, Mikrophone, Podest, Ausstellungsraum, Presseraum, PC-Videorekorder, Wi-Fi, Beamer

Art des Tagungsorts



Almagià is at a 10km-distance from the railway station, in the city dock dristrict. Free parking lots available. Wheelchair accessible.

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Via dell'Almagià, 50
+39 349 7767662

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