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Guided tour • Happy Lovers Tour

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Guided tour • Happy Lovers Tour
IAT (Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche) - Piazza San Francesco, 7
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 14.02.2018 bis 17.02.2018
Zeit: meeting point 4.45pm; tour start 5pm

Ravenna is getting ready for Valentine's Day with a series of themed guided tours throughout the city centre. The tour will touch all the places people of Ravenna loved.

It will be about the extramarital love affair between Lord Byron and Teresa Gamba; about passion, the one between Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Polenta that wins everything; about the disinterested love of the countess Gugù Rasponi for her children; about the statue of the knight that makes all women fall in love, and much more. At the end of the tour, all the participants will be offered a tasty aperitif in one of the pubs or bars of the city centre.


Amor ch’al cor gentil
Place: Piazza San Francesco
Topic: Dante and Beatrice, Paolo and Francesca
Sightseeing: Dante's area and Quadrarco di Braccioforte

Amor Sacro e Amor Profano
Place: Classense Library
Topic: painting Nozze di Cana, Lord Byron and Teresa Gamba Guiccioli
Sightseeing: the first cloister and the ancient refectory of the Classense Library

Oh mia patria si bella e perduta
Place: Piazza Garibaldi
Topic: Anita and Giuseppe Garibaldi
Sightseeing: subtle details on the memorials to the hero

Vola pensiero mio
Place: Piazzetta dell'Unità d’Italia
Sightseeing: surprise...

Tu tu piccolo iddio, amore amore mio...
Place: Piazza del popolo
Topic: Gugù Rasponi
Sightseeing: Palazzo Rasponi dal Sale and the two lovers 

Devi dirmi di si!
Place: Casa Traversari
Topic: Nastagio degli Onesti
Sightseeing: one of the most interesting medieval dwellings of the city

L’amore che a letto si fa...
Place: Piazza Galla Placidia
Topic: Galla Placidia, Teodora and Giustiniano

12€-fee per person; 20€-fee for the couple
Guided tours will be confirmed once the minimum number of participants has been reached

Booking: Tourist information office in Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, 2 - Ravenna
Tel. 0544-482838 / 0544-35404 Email:

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IAT (Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche) - Piazza San Francesco, 7
+39 0544 35404
+39 0544 482838

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