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La Madonna del Sudore (The Madonna of Sweat)

The small chapel of the Madonna del Sudore, full of history, religious meaning and artistic value, is inside the Ravenna Cathedral, on the right with regard to the entrance.

It was built in 1630 to release the people ofRavennafrom a vow that was made during the plague of 1629: the disease had spread throughoutItaly, but had miraculously not touchedRavenna. The citizens attributed the miracle to the intercession of the Madonna del Sudore.

The image of this Madonna was, in olden times, behind a niche in an unmarked city road, facing a tavern; according to legend a soldier who came out of the place after having lost all his money playing dice, slashed the sacred image with a knife. The image bled. According to others, it also sweated blood during the plundering of the Battle of Ravenna in April 1512.

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