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The Ponte di Augusto

"E qui sotterra il Ponte di augusto o di Austro sul già fiume Padenna”(And here buries the Bridge of Augustus or Austro in the already river Padenna)

(plaque visible on the wall in via Salara between number 6 and number 8)

In Ravenna the ancient bridges have not been seen for a long time because all underground due to subsidence, but many under the soil are still intact. The most important one is under the road surface of Via Salara: from the Roman imperial age, it was erected to pass over Flumisellum, the secondary branch of the River Padenna that used to flow where Via Cavour stands today.

The humpback Bridge is made up of trachyte blocks laid edge to edge with side access ramps of brick, covered in turn by a layer of trachyte. It is probable that it was used up to the 12th century and it extends in part below the buildings on the edge of the road.

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Via Salara, 6

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