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Mussels and clams

The vongola or poveraccia (clam) is a mollusc that lives under the sand and that can be fished usually in good quantities after a heavy sea storm. This is accompanied by the tellina, a mollusc slightly smaller than the clam with the interior white or ivory yellow coloured.

The cozza (mussel), however, is considered one of the products of excellence of our territory and is gaining markets with increasing important numbers. The one of Marina di Ravenna is listed as wild mussel, it grows on the high seas, at the base of mining platforms. It is harvested by hand by fishermen, the “cozzari”, which plunge up to 10-15 metres deep and in some cases even up to 25 metres.

Both, clams and mussels, are good to enjoy “alla marina” and in “guazzetto” (stewed).

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