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?War is Over • Guided Tours and workshops

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?War is Over • Guided Tours and workshops
Mar - Ravenna Art Museum - via di Roma, 13
Dates: du 06/10/2018 to 13/01/2019 (on Saturday et Sunday)

For the exhibition ?War is Over, from 6th October to 13th January 2019, the MAR - Ravenna Art Museum has organised guided tours and didactic workshops for your children not to be missed.

Cosmic Befana • Sci-Fi reenactment on display

Period: Sunday, 6 January
Time: 2pm - 8pm

From the core of the exhibition, consisting of works about hand-to-hand combat and war images of all times, the itinerary arrives to the postmodern hero par excellence - Master Yoda of Star Wars, and this is what the event is about. To celebrate together a "star" Befana - the most famous characters of the saga will live up the spaces of the exhibition with shows of laser battles and cult objects. Those who will come masked for the occasion will be given a gadget of the museum. The event is suitable for children and Star Wars fans, in collaboration with Empira Star Wars Fan Club Ravenna, Ludosport Ravenna.
Free admission

Guided tours to the exhibition ?War Is Over

Period: Saturdays and Sundays
Time: 4.30pm
Guided tours both in Italian and English.
Pricing: 14€ per person. Booking is compulsory. In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, the management retains the right to cancel the guided tour.

Workshop "Genitori & Bambini"

Period: Saturdays, from 13th October to 13th January
Time: 4pm
Animated guided tour and didactic workshop. Addressed to children from 5 years old.
Pricing: 5€ children; 7€ parents. Booking is compulsory

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