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Ravenna Romantica • St. Valentine's Special

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Ravenna Romantica • St. Valentine's Special
Tourist Information Centre (meeting point) - Piazza San Francesco, 7
Dates: du 14/02/2020 to 15/02/2020
Hours: 5pm

Meeting point: at least 15 minutes before departure c/o Piazza San Francesco, 7
Duration: 2h
Language: Italian

Ravenna is a city that makes you fall in love: it strucks you with its mysterious light, it strucks you with its history, it strucks you with its people... Whoever has visited Ravenna ends up loving it.

Let yourself be carried in the places that were the settings for some of the most famous love stories in the world.

Departing from Piazza San Francesco, crossing piazzas and passing by monuments, you will get to know the story of Guidarello Guidarelli and Benedetta del Sale; of Paolo and Francesca, whom Dante Alighieri made immortal; of Anita and Giuseppe Garibaldi; of the Rasponi Dal Sale Family, which enriched the history of Ravenna with many noble and beautiful women.
Lastly, the tour must and will include the love stories between Teresa and Lord Byron, and Theodora and Justinian.
The tour will end with a hug: You shall chose between a hot chocolate or a little gelato cone.

Participation fee: €13.00 per person (including the hot chocolate or little gelato)
Booking is compulsory (the tour will be confirmed as soon as the minimum number of participants is reached)
For info or booking: Ravenna Experience

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Adresse :
Tourist Information Centre (meeting point) - Piazza San Francesco, 7
Téléphone :
+39 0544 482838

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