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Guided tour • Discover Theoderic's Palace

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Guided tour • Discover Theoderic's Palace
(The so-called) Theoderic's Palace - via di Roma, angolo via Alberoni
Dates: 27/04/2019, 18/05/2019, 01/06/2019...
Hours: 10.30am

Have you ever visited the so-called Theoderic's Palace?
Its name refers to the architectural remains of a building overlooking the today's Via di Roma, next to the Church of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo. According to some sources, the building is the remaining part of a 7th-8th-century gatehouse erected for the surveillance of the residence of the exarchs (i.e. the governors of Italian provinces ruling on behalf of the emperor of Byzantium). Other sources believe instead that the remains originally represented the atrium-arcade of a former medieval church.

The first and third Saturday of each month the MiBAC people leads you on a tour of a historical site rich of information for Ravenna History, rebuilding through its remains the old majesty of the Palace and of Ravenna during Theoderic's reign.

Free admission and guided tour-fee: 1€

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(The so-called) Theoderic's Palace - via di Roma, angolo via Alberoni

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