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Guided Tour • Un Cielo d'Oro
Arian Baptistery - vicolo Degli Ariani, 1
Dates: 28/04/2019, 01/05/2019
Hours: on Sunday, 21 April at 11.30am; on Sunday, 28 April at 4.30pm; on Wednesday, 1 May at 10am

Built towards the end of the 5th century during Theoderic's Kingdom, the Arian Baptistery is the only well preserved building that witnesses the Arian worship of the Goths. Despite the simplicity of its clay-structure, the inside hides a little treasure: the mosaic dome is of outstanding beauty. MiBAC personnel will lead you on a guided tour to discover this jewel belonging to one of the UNESCO Heritage Italian sites.

Ingresso e visita: 1€

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Adresse :
Arian Baptistery - vicolo Degli Ariani, 1
Téléphone :
+39 0544 543724

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