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Boat trips to the Isola degli Spinaroni

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Boat trips to the Isola degli Spinaroni
Baiona stage - Porto Corsini
Dates: 12/08/2017, 19/08/2017, 26/08/2017, 15/09/2017, 23/09/2017, 08/10/2017, 14/10/2017

Meeting point: parking lot on the landing stage of the Baiona bridge
Length: about three hours

In the Pialassa Baiona, just before Marina Romea, is the Isola degli Spinaroni, that, even if it is only a tiny plot, is one of the most suggestive lands of the Po Delta valleys.
The Isola had a central role during the Resistenza Italiana (Italian resistance), especially from 1944, when the "Terzo Lori" (belonging to the 4th detachment of Garibaldi's partisan brigade) stopped in this place; he planned in fact the liberation of Ravenna, which occurred on the 4th December of the same year.

The guided tours are held by a group of volounteer teachers, organised by Anpi and by Associazione Spinaroni, with the support of the Municipality of Ravenna.

Reservation is mandatory (max 30 participants)
Groups are of min. 20 - max. 30 people and there is the chance of an English guided tour, if requested in advance.
Info and reservation: +39 348 8811181 (Dover Roma); +39 335 6415567 (Arturo Mazzoni);  +39 339 3150709 (Bruna Tabarri)


Sunday 8 October | 3pm
Saturday 14 October | 9am



Sunday, 6 August | 9.30am
Saturday, 12 August | 9am
Saturday, 19 August | 9am
Saturday, 26 August | 4.30pm


Friday, 15 September | 9.30am
Saturday, 23 September | At 9am

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Adresse :
Baiona stage - Porto Corsini
Téléphone :
+39 348 8811181
+39 335 6415567

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