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Trail Romagna • 2019
Centro Sportivo Aquae - via Fiorita, 12 - Porto Fuori
Dates: 31/03/2019, 25/04/2019, 05/05/2019

After the great success of the previous edition ItineRATrail Romagna returns to explore the history and the geography of Ravenna. With the support of the Municipality of Ravenna, it offers a series of itineraries all to walk and to enjoy. Geographical, spiritual and cultural movements are the perfect occasion to meet: meet with others, with oneself and with the deep essence of a city identity that should be safeguarded.

Whether the first aim is to re-learn to walk, also considering the benefits on body and mind; then, the next step is to make treasure of those re-discovered benefits by walking down themed trails that meet art, literature or ancient and modern city planning.

Sunday, 7 July

Urban Trail Ravenna Città d’acque
Meeting point: Chalet dei Giardini, Ravenna
Time: 6am

Percorso lungo: 16 km
Percorso cittadino: 7 km
Visita guidata da Giovanna Montevecchi: 5 km

After the great success of the previous editions, thanks also to the special opening pg the walls, one of the most attended event of Trail Romagna will return on 7 July. 7 or 16 km-tracks across present and forgotten waterways will be explained by "water" guides, who will recall the history of a city that was born from waters.

Registrations on;
Participation fee for pre-registration by filling out the form on the site: €5 (bib number, refreshments, breakfast and lottery)
Registrations on site: €8


Monday, 4 March

Lôm a Mérz
Meeting point: Casa delle meridiane, San Bartolo (RA)
Time: 8pm

Presentation of the 2019 activities of Trail Romagna
As usual, the presentation becomes a show. In an exclusive place, special guests, the press, opinion leaders and the audience are invited to take part in this presentation of the activities Trail Romagna is going to organise this year. The evening will end with a propitiatory fire, music and tastings.

Sunday, 31 March

Caleidoscopio Ravenna: i mille colori delle zone naturali tra natura, sport e benessere!
Sciami di biciclette
Meeting point: Piazza del Popolo
Time: 9.30am

The Sciame di Biciclette (swarm of bikes), in the pursuit of the slogan “Liberiamo l’aria” - literally "let's free the air", launched by the Emilia Romagna Region, will leave from the heart of the city, reaching the green belt of our pinewoods. The swarm of bikes, assisted by authorised personnel, will ride along the cycle lane that connects Ravenna to Cervia until reaching the Ancient pinewood of Classe. The final destination is Parco I Maggio, which will be set up with colourful and tasty stalls from the best country festivals.

Thursday, 25 April

Caleidoscopio Ravenna: i mille colori delle zone naturali tra natura, sport e benessere!
Pedalata della Liberazione
Meeting point: Conad, via Galilei, parco retrostante
Time: 9am (meeting point and registration)

This initiative invites all citizens to celebrate the 25th of April spending one day entirely dedicated to nature and environment, encouraging and growing awareness for the use of bicycles as a means of transport that respects the environment. Participants will be encouraged to reach the Pinewood of Classe riding along a 10-km cycle path (only for the outward route).

Sunday, 6 May

Ravenna-Milano Marittima off road
Meeting point: Parco 1° maggio (Fosso Ghiaia)
Time: 10am

> For runners: Parco 1° Maggio – Terme di Cervia, 18 km
> For hikers: Lido di Classe – Terme di Cervia, 10 km
> For everybody: a pleasant bath in the thermal waters of the hot springs of Cervia

From the draining pump in Fosso Ghiaia up to the draining pump in Madonna del Pino: among earth and water, you will recall more than 100 years of history of the coastal reclamation. After the great success of the previous year, the running and walking path in nature is re-confirmed. The itinerary connects two historical settlements of recovered areas that are a sort of "still-alive" monuments of the industrial archaeology. The itinerary will end in the healthy waters of the SPA Terme di Cervia.
Registrations starting from 10 March on
Pre-registration for the 18 km-run: €13 (on the day of the event + €5; bus service-fee €2  (the price includes SPA admission, transports, pasta party, gadgets, raffle awards, medical assistance)

Saturday, 19 May

FiumiUniti in Cammino
A spasso nella Pineta di Luigi Rava - See the full event
Registration starting from 9 April on

FiumiUniti a Tavola
Capanni Aperti | At the table between music and stories of our land See the full event
Meeting point: river banks of Fiumi Uniti
Time: 12.30 pm lunch, 7.30pm dinner
Lunch and dinner become the perfect occasion to meet and discover the ancient traditions of the "capanni" - and there is no time here: they are the typical huts you can find along our river banks, as well as in the valleys and the pinewoods.
Registration starting from 9 April on

Sunday, 20 May

FiumiUniti in Canoa
Canoeing down the Fiumi Uniti - See the full event
Meeting point 1: at the lock San Marco, at 9am (13 km)
Meeting point 2: in Ponte Nuovo, at 10.30 am (9 km),
Family Kayak
Meeting point 3: at the lock Chiusa Rasponi, at 11am (4 km)
You will be given the chance to float on the water's edge with a unique view. Here you can look at an ecosystem that is entirely different from what you usually see from the city or from the river banks are not perceivable.
Refistration starting from 9th April at: Comitato Territoriale di Ravenna - Via Gioacchino Rasponi, 5
Email: | Tel. 0544 219724

31 May - 2 June

Aspettando ItineRA – Arte in cammino
Di Porta in Porta, a spasso sulle mura

On the occasion of the event "Di porta in Porta" by ‘Chef to Chef Emilia-Romagna cuochi’, Trail Romagna will give a preview of the festival ItineRa with a cultural guided walk along the city walls accompanied by expert guides that will touch all of the gates, telling the history of the oldest walls in the region. At the end of the walks, haute cuisine-products will await you: the starred chefs will leave for the occasion their usual restaurants and welcome you at the representative doors of the city: Porta Adriana, Porta Sisi and Porta Serrata, the imposing witnesses of Ravenna's history.
Event open to all, registration from 1 May on 

Sunday, 9 June

Concerto Trekking
Lido di Dante – Fiumi Uniti, tra argini e capanni

Time: from 4pm to sunset

A music and food itinerary along the banks and the mouth of Fiumi Uniti. The trekking concert returns in Ravenna to discover the typical places and traditions of our territory. A 7 km-walk animated by music, poetry and culinary pauses. You decide the pace and stops to the rhythm of the percussions that arrive from the fields and the water. 

Registrations from 7 March at the ticket office of Ravenna Festival, Via Angelo Mariani, 2, Ravenna (open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and Thursday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm)

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