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Ravenna Park Training

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Ravenna Park Training
Vari luoghi della città
Dates: du 01/06/2020 to 31/08/2020

A series of outdoor events will take place with a fixed schedule in public spaces of the territory of Ravenna. This is Ravenna Park Training, the new project of CSI Ravenna-Lugo, organized in collaboration with Ravenna Runners Club and Asd Gym Academy.

The schedule features continuative activities and special events. The objective is to bring or bring people closer again to the exercise, aiming at the psycho-physical well-being of any of us, without any age limits, perspectives, or athletic abilities.

The initiatives will take place following what provided in the matters of the institutions, in the full respect of the safety social distancing rules.

The programme on:


MULTISPORT ACTIVITY with a programme that features every kind of activity twice a week


SPECIAL RUNNING EVENTS with trainers and professionals that bring added value to each meeting

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