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Nell'arena delle balle di Paglia • 11° Edizione

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Nell'arena delle balle di Paglia • 11° Edizione
Via Cenacchio, 4 - Cotignola
Dates: du 11/07/2019 to 16/07/2019

Once upon a time, in the wide floodplain where the Canal Emiliano-Romagnolo meets the river Senio... Italy's most famous straw amphitheatre - the Arena delle Balle di Paglia (Arena of straw bales) - returns with six days of straw, creativity, music, stories, and art surrounded by a beautiful landscape. 

A rich schedule of events and settings spread in different natural stages: Palco dell'Arena (the central stage), Golena dei poeti (the poets' floodplain), il Canale del Mulino (the mill's canal), il Ridotto Balle (bales foyer), Casa Ercolan, Golena dei morti felici (floodplain of the happy deads), Ponte Primola (Primola bridge), Casa Belvedere, Trebbo del Canale, Bosco del Fiume (the river's forest); in addition there is a bar where to taste nibbles and find refreshments and other passageways such as lanes, unique ways that characterize the landscape of Cotignola.

Download the programme IT (.pdf)

How to get there
Walking from the centre of Cotignola, at the bridge take the left bank of the Senio River up to the Arena. If you get there by car you can park at the sports ground of via Cenacchio, and then walk or ride straight between the rows of grapevines for 1200 m. You can take only the cart track. Bring a flashlight too. Shuttle service for the disabled: +39 333 4183149 (on the days of the event from 6.30pm). 

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Adresse :
Via Cenacchio, 4 - Cotignola
Téléphone :
+39 333 4183149

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