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La Divina Commedia nel mondo • 25th edition

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La Divina Commedia nel mondo • 25th edition
Basilica San Francesco - Piazza San Francesco, 1
Dates: 31/10/2019
Hours: 9pm

Since 1995, the international festival La Divina Commedia nel mondo acquaints the public with where, when and how Dante's poem was translated, studied and spread, and which are the languages and idioms of the numerous versions throughout the world. 

As a part of the festival Viva Dante, this event involves scholars, readers and translators from all over the world for a conversation about the presence of Dante and the Comedy in the selected countries, followed by reading a chapter of the Divine Comedy both in the vernacular and Italian language. The event closes with giving the symbolic laurel “Lauro dantesco” ad honorem to all guests chosen for having worked in various ways in the name of Dante.
Free admission

Friday 20 September

Spanish versions | At 9pm
With Raffaele Pinto
Reading of the XXVIII Canto of Purgatorio by Carmen Aldama
Laurel "Lauro dantesco" ad honorem to Walter Della Monica

Monday 31 October

Dante a Ravenna, La Commedia nel Mondo | At 9pm
Students from all over the world read the XXXIV Canto of Inferno in their mother language
Presented by Anna De Lutiis
In collaboration with Dante in Rete

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Basilica San Francesco - Piazza San Francesco, 1
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