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Il Cammino di Dante • 2019

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Il Cammino di Dante • 2019
Dates: 12/05/2019, 25/05/2019, 07/09/2019

The historical journey Cammino di Dante stretches out across the wonderful nature of Tuscany and Romagna, and researches the places the greatest Italian poet mentions in the Divine Comedy or saw himself during his years of exile. The itinerary couldn't but start from Ravenna, with the first stop on Sunday, 12 May. The 400km-itinerary between Ravenna and Florence will be rich of recalls to political, religious and historical events as well as artistic, philosophical and spiritual references.

Saturday, 7 and Sunday 8 September

21st Stop | At 9am
Meeting point: Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe

Saturday, 7 September will be the 21st stop, the last one of the itinerary. With a track of 25km of easy difficulty, from the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe you will arrive at the mouth of the river Bevano and then return to the starting point.
The day after, Sunday, 8 September, the travel will start from the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe, arriving after a 10km-track to the park Primo Maggio. The event will end with a speech of Professor Emerito Emilio Pasquini.
Event reserved to Cammino di Dante cardholders. You may also register at the meeting point (€8 Cammino di Dante Card). 


Saturday, 11 May

Day of FAI
Meeting point: Via Argine sinistro Montone, 135 - San Marco (Ra)
Time: 9.30am - 11.30am and 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Guided tour to the park dedicated to Dante, the event is open to all.
Admission with a donation. Compulsory reservation:  tel. +39 3923465279,,

Sunday, 12 May

From Dante's tomb to the themed park in San Marco | At 8.30am
Meeting point: Dante's tomb

A 9.5km-walk, from Dante's tomb to the themed park dedicated to the poet in San Marco. Loris Savini, historian of Ravenna, will talk about the medieval curiosities of the city. Along the path, some parts taken from the Inferno of the Divine Comedy will be performed until arriving at the park, where the guided tour will start. Moreover, a Dantean will give a masterful lesson and Marco Villa will present his book "A pancia piena si ragiona meglio". Shuttle services will be available to return in Ravenna. 
Event reserved to the Cammino di Dante cardholders. You may also register on the day of the event at the meeting point (€8 Cammino di Dante Card).
Participation fee: €5. Registration within 2 May 2019.

Saturday, 25 May

An evening dedicated to Dante | At 6pm
Meeting point: Green area in Via argine Sinistro Montone, 135 - San Marco (RA)

This evening dedicated to the greatest poet will open with a concert by GB project at 7pm and will continue with the theatrical performance "Dantemotivo", curated by Bezzi Giordano, with scenography by Mavis Gardella. Participants should take a blanket in order to comfortably sit on the grass.
The evening is open to the members and the new cardholders (€8 Cammino di Dante Card).
Participation fee: €10. Please confirm your attendance to: 

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