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Bellezza fuori porta • 2019

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Bellezza fuori porta • 2019
Dates: du 22/09/2019 to 22/02/2019. In addition, the event takes place on 26/09/2019, on 06/10/2019 and on 03/11/2019

With autumn, also the musical event Bellezza Fuori Porta organized by Collegium Musicum Classense returns. This four-concert event will take place in some unusual places of the Ravenna territory that are seldom open to the public but are of great historical and cultural interest. 

Concerts and events are free

Sunday, 22 September

Villa Manuzzi - via Dismano 773, Mensa Matellica
Tour to the garden | At 4pm
Organized by Giuseppe Orselli

Concert with Sergio Zigiotti and Fabiano Merlante | At 5pm
The Neapolitan mandolin between 19th and 20th century, with a selection of works for mandolin and guitar

Thursday, 26 September

Church of S. Biagio - via Babini 246, Roncalceci
Concert of the Collegium Vocale Monteverdi (Bozen) | At 9pm
Palestrina 425 - Viaggio nella polifonia

Sunday, 6 October

Church of S. Bartolomeo in decimo - via Dismano 663, San Zaccaria
Historical introduction | At 5pm
Organised by Vanda Budini

Concert of the Ensemble of the ancient music of the Conservatory of Ferrara | At 5.30pm
The divine voice: the human voice in the Baroque's religious songs

Sunday, 3 November

National Museum of Ravenna - via San Vitale 17
DoPo vieni al Museo - A mosaic of nature | At 4.30pm
Free education itinerary and workshop for children - suitable for children from 7 years old
Booking is recommended, email: 

Museo Sonoro | At 5.30pm
Concert of sacred music

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