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Notte del Liscio • 2019

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Notte del Liscio • 2019
Piazza Vivaldi - Lido Adriano
Dates: du 15/06/2019 to 16/06/2019

From the Riviera up to the small villages of the nearby inland, from 14 to 16 June, Romagna starts dancing for the fourth edition of La Notte del Liscio, the big festival of partner dance that celebrates with many free events the folklore of Romagna with the orchestras of the tradition and contaminations of musicians

It's a unique and amusing way to celebrate "Liscio", the dance that has always been an utmost important aspect of the Romagna identity; nonetheless, it is a real tourist attraction.

In Lido Adriano, one of the nine beaches of Ravenna, there are two events on the schedule. The first awaits you on Saturday, 15 June with the Orchestra "La Storia di Romagna"; the second is on Sunday, 16 June with the Orchestra "Claudio Nanni" and the animation by "Scuola Malpassi".

Free Admission

Saturday, 15 June

LIDO ADRIANO - Piazza Vivaldi
Time: 9pm
Orchestra "La Storia di Romagna"
The Orchestra "La Storia di Romagna" has recorded 438 songs, divided into 25 CDs: it's a rich collection dedicated to the vast repertoire of Maestro Secondo Casadei. To open the evening, together with the "Casadei Danze Rimini", the innovative aperifolk (aperitif + dance) will open up the evening 

Sunday, 16 June

LIDO ADRIANO - Piazza Vivaldi
Time: 9pm
Orchestra "Claudio Nanni" and animation with the "Scuola Malpassi"
An evening dedicated to the dance and to amuse the public. For one time, Piazza Vivaldi will turn into a real "dance hall" following the tradition of Romagna

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