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Balamondo • 2019

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Balamondo • 2019
Various locations - Ravenna
Dates: du 02/08/2019 to 04/08/2019

If there are good food and drink, feasts and music, then, you are in Romagna! And as always, Romagna is a land that is ready to welcome all the traditions coming from outside its border.

Everything is set in Lido di Savio that - from 2nd to 4th August - will host BALAMONDO World Music Festival, a 3-day kermesse where food, dancing and live music will mix all together in an irresistible cocktail.

Concept by Mirko Casadei, in collaboration with Department for Tourism of the Municipality of Ravenna and the Comitato Cittadino di Lido di Savio.

Free event


Mia Gabusi from "Ballando con le Stelle" | From 6pm
Hotel VistaMare Suite&Spa - Viale Romagna, 199
International dance show with the dance school Scuola di Ballo Gabusi. Mia Gabusi and Pietro, 2019 World Latin Dance Champions - Adult; Alex and Alessia, thirteen times Argentinian and "Filuzziane" Dance Italian Champions; Michele and Ambra, 2019 World Latin Dance Champions - Under 21

Balla con Noi! | From 9pm
Hotel Bahamas -  Via Cesena, 8
The shoew continues with the dance school Balla con Noi of Rimini, with Paolo Semprini and Debora Cecchetti, who have always been the official dance group of Orchestra Casadei


Piazza Sorrivoli
An entertaining and energic jam session where the two artists will play their greatest hits with the music of Orchestra Casadei, with more musicians for the occasion. The evening will be presented by Andrea Barbi, entertaining and humorous TV speaker and expert of traditional dances of Emilia Romagna.


Lazzanni Trio "Casadei in Jazz" | From 6pm
Maréna Beach - Viale Romagna, 323

MIRKO CASADEI ORCHESTRA in "Ballando con le Stelle" From 9pm
Great dance show
Mirko Casadei and his band will acompani many Latin and traditional folk dances in a great show not to be missed.

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