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An Evening with Manuel Agnelli

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An Evening with Manuel Agnelli
Dante Alighieri Theatre - Via Mariani, 2
Date: 26/11/2019
Hours: 9pm

After the great success of his concerts in the theatres during the last spring, which recorded a great turnout and a number of sold out, Tavenna is ready for the new show An Evening with Manuel Agnelli, on 26 November at 9pm, with the most intimate and reserved side of the artist.

The formula is always the same: there is a free outline, an unreleased performance that combines music, literature, storytelling, and all the facets a dialogue with the public can evolve into. The revisited songs of the Afterhours will alternate with covers packed with meaning, relevant to his musical carrier, and readings that inspired his poetry.

The frontman of the Afterhours, will be accompanied by Rodrigo D’Erasmo, violinist, arranger, and versatile musician, who has already been his trusted mate for many years in a number of projects.

Stalls Full-ticket / 1st, 2nd, 3rd tiers: €46
4th tier and balcony: €40, €30
Gallery: €34.50

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Dante Alighieri Theatre - Via Mariani, 2