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RavennaMosaico 2019 at the National Museum

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RavennaMosaico 2019 at the National Museum
National Museum of Ravenna - Via San Vitale, 17
Dates: du 06/10/2019 to 24/11/2019
Closing day: Monday
Hours: 8.30am - 7.30pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

From 6 October to 24 November, artists from all over the world meet in Ravenna for RavennaMosaico, the sixth edition of the Biennial of Contemporary Mosaic.

For the occasion, the National Museum of Ravenna will host the works by Sara Vasini (Cariatidi) and Luca Freschi (Corrispondenze), two young artists that use very different languages and techniques, but who are both very expressive. Their research has led them to relate with the works of the Museum, in a tight exchange between Antiquity and Modernity, both from a material and a conceptual point of view.

For Sara Vasini (Cariatidi), the experience of creation is indissolubly linked to the mosaic experience, because of the same process: Just like the mosaic has been 'translating' for centuries the artworks other artists created, so Vasini feels a commitment to 'translate', with an intense and original handwriting, the works made by great artists. The word, thus, turns into a tessera, and the tessera into a word.

Luca Freschi (Corrispondenze), who made of stratification his signature, works on the time of life, and if his works seem to be delicate and harmless, naively balanced, it's because he chooses the objects with the same beloving care with which a poet tastes and senses his words. The works by Freschi are a litany, where not only stratification but also the compulsive repetition of the same objects acquires a meaning.

Curated by Emanuela Fiori and Giovanni Gardini.

Admission fee (includes access to the permanent collections of the National Museum): €6, concession €2 (from 18 to 25 years); free until 18 years old

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