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Novecento Rivelato • Ferriano Giardini

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Novecento Rivelato • Ferriano Giardini
Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste - Piazza Kennedy, 12
Dates: du 03/03/2020 to 22/03/2020, except on 23/02/2020, on 25/02/2020, on 26/02/2020, on 27/02/2020, on 28/02/2020, on 29/02/2020 and on 01/03/2020
Closing day: Monday
Hours: 3pm - 6pm (Tuesday to Friday); 11am - 6pm (Saturday, Sunday, bank holidays)

Along with the exhibition dedicated to the multifaceted artist Enrico Galassi, ‘Novecento Rivelato’ pays homage to another great local artist: Ferriano Giardini.

The extremely delicate landscapes in his paintings, all realized between 1959 and 2005, catch the visitor's eye. From the paintings emerges strongly the voice of whom, through art, tries to give expression to all those anxieties and pain that marked the 20th century, denouncing the almost sudden loss of fundamental values like the respect for the environment despite a society ever more reckless and consumerist.

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