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Ieri Oggi • Vedute di Ravenna a confronto

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Ieri Oggi • Vedute di Ravenna a confronto
Biblioteca Classense - Via Baccarini, 3
Dates: du 30/03/2019 to 27/04/2019
Closing day: Monday
Hours: 3pm - 6pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Saturday, 27 April: on the occasion of Notte d'Oro Primavera, guided tours from 7pm to 10pm

The historical photos by Gaetano Savini (1850 - 1917) interact with the contemporary pictures by six photographers of different age and origin, who are bonded over a shared love of Ravenna. This is the topic of the new exhibition Ieri Oggi. Vedute di Ravenna a Confronto on schedule from 30 March to 27 April in the rooms of the Classense Library.

It is an interesting experiment that invites you to reflect on contemporaneity, to try to understand - without judging - which have been the changes the urban fabric has been undergoing over the last 100 years.
In collaboration with Ravenna a tréb... ieri, oggi e...

On Display:

Historical photographs: from the archive Fondo Gaetano Savini - Classense Library
Contemporary photographs: Leonardo Goni  Alex Iemmi  Gian Marco Molducci  Andrea Pezzi  Vincenzo Pioggia  Michele Vallicelli

Free admission

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