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Farewell to Ravenna

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Farewell to Ravenna
Various locations - Ravenna
Dates: du 15/06/2018 to 24/11/2018

Farewell to Ravenna - Celebrations for the centennial of the US Air Naval Station of Porto Corsini (1918 - 2018) is a project created by the association "1918: Americani a Porto Corsini", which is dedicated to the memory of the American presence on the territory of Ravenna during WWI.

After 100 years, an itinerary to remember the Great War, regathering, with the help of the local community, all the wires of storytelling that, without being shared, could get irremediably lost.

Saturday, 24th November

Studies-day "Il mito americano in Italia dalla Grande Guerra alla questione adriatica"
Library of Contemporary History "Alfredo Oriani" - Via Alfredo Oriani, 26 | Ravenna


Friday, 15th June - Friday, 11th August

The Americans between Ravenna and Porto Corsini during the Great War
Classense Library - Via Baccarini, 3 | Ravenna
Time: from 16th June to 14th July, 9am - 7pm (Tuesdays to Saturdays) and 2pm - 6pm (Sundays and Mondays); from 15th July to 11 August, 9am - 2pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
On display will be an itinerary with photos and documents coming from the founds of the Classense Library that records the tight relationships arouse in 1918 between the community of Ravenna and the Americans. 
For further information click HERE

Saturday, 14th to Saturday, 28th July

Over the rainbow. Unconventional depARTures from American shores
FaroArte Gallery - Piazzale Marinai d'Italia, 20 | Marina di Ravenna
Time: 9.30pm - 11pm (on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays)
Painting exhibition curated by Chiara Fuschini

Wednesday, 18th July

Presentation of the book "Gli Americani a Porto Corsini nella Grande Guerra"
Auditorium Giuseppe di Stefano - Piazza Marinai d'Italia | Marina di Ravenna

Tuesday, 24th July

Attachment of a commemorative plaque to the lighthouse of Marina di Ravenna
Viale Delle Nazioni | Marina di Ravenna
Time: 6pm
Performance by the City Concert Band of Ravenna

Saturday, 7th July - Saturday, 1st September

The Americans in Porto Corsini during the Great War
Southern Dock | Marina di Ravenna
Photographic-documentary exhibition

From 7th to 28th September - On Fridays

Film Festival on "La Grande Guerra e il mito dell’aviazione" (the Great War and the myth of aviation)
Auditorium Giuseppe di Stefano - Piazza Marinai d'Italia | Marina di Ravenna

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