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Ascoltare Bellezza 2019 | Daniele Galliano

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Ascoltare Bellezza 2019 | Daniele Galliano
Classense Library (Sala del Mosaico) - Via Baccarini, 1-3
Dates: du 20/03/2019 to 20/05/2019
Hours: 2pm - 6pm

Inauguration: Wednesday, 20 March at 6pm

The Classense Library will celebrate nature through the exhibition Ascoltare Bellezza curated by Paolo Trioschi, displaying, again this year, artworks by four important contemporary painters, one for each season.

It's the painter from Turin Daniele Galliano to open the first 2019 exhibition inside Salone del Mosaico on the day of vernal equinox, Wednesday, 20 March. The artist shares through his painting the dialogue between art and life that was inspired from the amazing mosaics floor of Sala del Mosaico, displaying a big painting dedicated to modern life. Moving from themes and figures of our image - already established - he transcends them, giving them a new force and universal hope.


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Classense Library (Sala del Mosaico) - Via Baccarini, 1-3
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+39 0544 482116

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