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I Sabati del Moog | Rassegna timbrica dei linguaggi

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I Sabati del Moog | Rassegna timbrica dei linguaggi
Moog Slow Bar - Vicolo Padenna, 5
Dates: du 10/11/2018 to 13/04/2019 (on Saturday), except on 22/12/2018, on 29/12/2018 and on 05/01/2019
Hours: 6pm

Starting from Saturday, 10th November, the new cultural event I sabati al Moog. Rassegna timbrica dei linguaggi, organised by Ivano Mazzani will take place at the Moog Slow Bar in vicolo Padenna. Authors, scholars and artists from different artistic fields and ages will alternate for meetings that will deal with music, literature, filmmaking, theatre, architecture and journalism.

Free admission - 
All meetings will be in Italian


Saturday, 6 April
Is street art dead?
Mirko Dadich, visual artists and organiser of artistic events, talks with Antonella Perazza, professor of Art History and curator and organiser of the contemporary art exhibitions

Saturday, 13 April
Presentation of the book "Cento storie sul filo della Memoria. Il Nuovo Teatro in Italia negli anni ’70"
Rodolfo Sacchettini and Enrico G. Bargiacchi, curators and theatre critics, talk with Franco Masotti, art director of Ravenna Festival, and Fabrizio Varesco, director and filmmaker



Sabato 10 novembre
Il giornalismo italiano in tv, i talk show
Presenta Andrea Casadio, giornalista, documentarista, autore tv (Rai, La7, Sky)

Saturday, 17 November

Dialogue about L. Frank Baum, author of "Libri di OZ"
Chiara Lagani, actress and founder of theatre company Fanny & Alexander, talks with Rodolfo Sacchettini, theatre critic, about L. Frank Baum and the new edition of his work I libri di Oz, translated and narrated by Chiara Lagani, with original illustrations by Mara Cerri (Einaudi 2017 ed.)

Saturday, 24 November

Sigarone, un possibile recupero leggero. A new road and a new possible future for the warehouse "Ex Sir"
Meeting with architects Emilio Rambelli and Giovanni Mecozzi of Nuovostudio


Saturday, 1 December
Presentation of the book "La ragazza e il drago, Una fiaba insolita" 
Presented by Isabella Kolic, writer, and Lorenzo Comandini, coworker of the library Biblioteca Holden-Classense

Saturday, 8 December

Loving and producing cinema in Ravenna
Story of a shared experience
Organised by Maria Martinelli, director, filmmaker and producer, and Alessandro Argnani, actor of Teatro delle Albe and director of the documentary-short film "Dem Dikk Africa-Africa round trip". A collaboration among Start Cinema - Ravenna e Teatro Teatro delle Albe

Saturday, 15 December

Non è che un inizio! 1968. Thoughts, words and images from the performance "Vogliamo Tutto!"
With Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic by ErosAntEros


Saturday, 12 January
Presentation of the book "Vite non conformi"
Marina Mannucci, writer, dialogues with Laura Orlandini, researcher of modern history

Saturday, 19 January

Silvia Camporesi works 2000/2018. A complete anthology of photographic production of the artist in almost 20 years of activity
Silvia Camporesi, photographer, talks with the publisher Danilo Montanari

Saturday, 26 January

Presentation of the book "Polvere e perle Donne in un interno familiare del Novecento"
Maria Paola Patuelli (writer) dialogues with Marina Mannucci (writer) and Alberto G. Cassani (Professor at Accademia a Venezia)


Saturday, 2 February
Meetings with extraordinary men. Ravenna, from the city of silence to the city of music, unexpectedly...
Presented by Franco Masotti, art director Ravenna Festival

Saturday, 9 February
Dreams and Visions from Ravenna
Presented by Giovanni Gardini, iconography and archaeology professor, and Barbara Piani, director of the department Cultura Diocesi di Ravenna-Cervia

Saturday, 16 February
Running six days in the desert of Oman in self-sufficiency. A funny race… (that I would like to repeat)
With Alberto Marchesani, runner

Saturday, 23 February

The Film in its creation process "Quattro Giorni". Screenplay and writer with two hands between the Port and the beaches of Ravenna
Presented by Laura Gambi, writer and filmmaker, and Alessandro Renda, actor Albe and filmmaker


Saturday, 2 March
From the am waves to podcast and web-radio
Presented by Luigi Bertaccini, important DJ and radio broadcast conductor

Saturday, 9 March

Il Petroliere (“The will be blood”) vs Il Filo nascosto ( The “Phantom tread”)
Dialogue between Francesco Gamberini, critic at La Settima Arte, and Carlo Garavini actor in Lady Godiva

Saturday, 16 March

Visions and notes between ancient and contemporary
Conversation between Cristina Carile, researcher of Cultural Property Dep. of Bologna-Ravenna university, and Luca Maggio, contemporary art critic

Saturday, 23 March

Anticipations on the new theatre performance "Oblomov. Uno studio"
Presented by Iacopo Gardelli, journalist-director, Lorenzo Carpinelli, actor, Max Penombra, rapper, and Massimiliano Rassu, actor

Saturday, 30 March

Let's talk about Teachers and Students
Daniele Casadio, photographer, talks with Ivano Mazzani, the organiser of these events. For the occasion, some photographic prints will be on display

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