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GialloLuna NeroNotte 2019

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GialloLuna NeroNotte 2019
Biblioteca Classense (Sala Muratori) - Via Corrado Ricci, 26

Dates: du 31/10/2019 to 01/11/2019. In addition, the event takes place on 15/11/2019 and on 22/11/2019

After 16 years non-stop of GialloLuna Nero Notte, the festival dedicated to Italian thrillers and noirs reinvents itself and experiments new options.

Born with the aim of promoting and spreading the knowledge of Italian crime fiction, over the years, it has brought to the city prestigious names of this sector, Italian as well as international ones.

From 1 to 3 November, Ravenna welcomes independent publishers of crime, thriller, noir, and spy fiction (also including some horror), who will meet for a sort of exhibit like the fair in Milan 'Strani Mondi' dedicated to phantasy and science-fiction. In the Exhibition Room of the Oriani Library, the publishers with their booth (see in the footnotes the participants) will present new books and authors. 

The central core of GialloLuna NeroNotte remains the meetings with the writers, in Sala Spadolini at the Oriani Library. Famous authors will present the news of the upcoming year, while emerging ones will continue the information campaign on popular literature and specific literary genres.
Among the most-awaited guests will be Paolo Foschi, Cristiano Governa, Giampaolo Simi, Piergiorgio Pulixi (meeting at the bookshop Liberamente Libri), Marcello Simoni (meeting at Sala Dantesca in the Classense Library), Neria de Giovanni, Davide Pappalardo, Riccardo Landini, Tersite Rossi, Stefano Bonazzi, Danila Marsotto, Cosimo Argentina, Paola Amadesi (Exhibition Room in the Oriani Library), Riccardo Zinelli, Lorena Lusetti. Among the guests will also be Gianluca Di Matola, the author of the novel Pulcinella è cattivo (Clown Bianco Edizioni), the winner of 2018 Award for Unpublished Books.

The collaboration between the Festival and the schools of Ravenna is another reconfirmed event: on the occasion of the 90 year anniversary of the review “Il Giallo Mondadori”, some classes of the Arts Gymnasium “Nervi-Severini” created works inspired to the evolution of the covers of the books sold in kiosks. The works will be on display in the Oriani Library, from 29 October to 3 November, including some works made by the teachers of the Higher Institute of Young Ravenna Artists. Furthermore, also the scholaships for the worthiest students is reconfirmed thanks to the contribution of BPER Banca.


As in the previous editions, the festival continues with its educational and didactic purposes, always in search of new and precious potential readers.

The festival, run by Nevio Galeati, is organized by Associazione culturale Pa.Gi.Ne. in collaboration with the Municipality of Ravenna and Fondazione Flaminia for the University in Romagna.

All the events are free, except for the performance “con uso di cucina” that will take place at dinner time.



Meet the author Piergiorgio Pulixi (Rizzoli/Noir) | At 6.30pm
Liberamente Libri, Viale L. B. Alberti 38


 Meet the author: Marcello Simoni | At 6pm
Classense Library (Sala dantesca)
Organized in collaboration with Centro Relazioni Culturali




“La specialità” | At 8.30
Osteria Passatelli, Mariani Lifestyle - Via Ponte Marino, 19
Performance with dinner. On the stage: Erika Urban and Cristian Giammarini, directed by Federica Santambrogio
Compulsory Booking


Place: Oriani Library (Sala Spadolini)

• Inauguration “Una città in giallo” - 1st Festival of Independent Publishers | At 11am

• Meet the author Neria De Giovanni (Nema Press) | At 12pm

• Meet the author Davide Pappalardo (Edizioni Pendragon), Riccardo Landini (Clown Bianco Edizioni) | At 3pm

• Meet the author: Giampaolo Simi (Sellerio Editore) | At 5pm


Place: Oriani Library (Sala Spadolini)

• Meet the author Tersite Rossi (Edizioni Pendragon), Stefano Bonazzi (Fernandel Editore) | At 10.30am

• Meet the author Danila Marsotto (Nema Press) | At 12pm

• Award-giving ceremony for unpublished novel and short story | At 3pm
With the participation of Annamaria Fassio and Franco Forte

• Meet the author Cristiano Governa (Bompiani) | At 5pm


Place: Oriani Library (Sala Spadolini)

 Meet the author | At 11am
Gianluca di Matola, winner of the 2018 GLNN award for unpublished short story (Clown Bianco Edizioni), Cosimo Argentina (Oligo Editore)

• Aperitivo with writer Paola Amadesi | At 12.30pm

 Meet the author | At 3pm
Riccardo Zinelli (Laura Capone Editore), Lorena Lusetti (Damster Edizioni)

 Thriller and noir fiction for kids with author Paolo Foschi (Risfoglia-Armando Curcio Editore) | At 5pm

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