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SoundScreen Film Festival • 2018

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SoundScreen Film Festival • 2018
Palazzo del Cinema - Largo Firenze, 1
Circolo Abajur - Via Ghibuzza, 12
Dates: du 22/09/2018 to 30/09/2018. In addition, the event takes place on 10/10/2018, on 14/10/2018, on 17/10/2018 and on 18/10/2018

On September 22-29 the Palazzo del Cinema in Ravenna hosts the 3rd edition of the SoundScreen Film Festival, the film festival all dedicated to music

Cinema and Music have always been tightly linked together in a prolific relationship. SounScreenFestival deals with fiction and musicals, with biopics and documentaries, with experimental cinema and research, putting a particular focus on the new national and international cinema talents. Furthermore, the Festival concentrates on different genres, contemporary hybridisations, films in which the role of soundtracks is increasing in importance, and productions where the focus of narration is on the music itself.

SoundScreen Film Festival is directed by Albert Bucci, promoted and organised by Associazione Culturale Ravenna Cinema in partnership with Ravenna City Council / Culture, with the support of Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna.

5€; concession 4€. Pass for all projections (except Live Score):: 20€
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Live-Score: 7€
Ronin vs The Unknown: Live Score: 10€
Info and detailed programme:

Extra Screenings

Wednesday, 17 October
Circolo Abajur - Via Ghibuzza, 12 Ravenna
Carpenter Il villaggio dei dannati  9pm
A film by John Carpenter, Usa 1995, duration 102'
Free admission reserved for Aics members

Thursday, 18 October
Circolo Abajur - Via Ghibuzza, 12 Ravenna
Soundscreen LecturesValerio Evangelisti e l'umanoide  9pm
Free admission reserved for Aics members


Saturday, 22 September

Carpenter | The Thing - La cosa  8.30pm
A film by John Carpenter, USA 1982, duration 109'

Contest | Oh! Mammy Blue  10.30pm
A film by Antonio Hens, Spain 2017, duration 95'

Sunday, 23 September

Contest | Sheikh Jackson  4pm
A film by Amr Salama, Egypt 2017, duration 93'

Beware! The Dona ferentes  6pm
A film by Daniele Pezzi, Italy 2018, duration 70'

Lo Stato Sociale "Ggli Asteroidi"  8.30pm
A film by Germano Maccioni, Italy 2017, duration 90'

Monday, 24 September

Contest | Anna & The Apocalypse • 8.30pm 
A film by John McPhail, UK 2017, duration 107'

To follow: Short Films Contest (60')

Tuesday, 25 September

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Async at the Park Avenue Armory  8.30pm 
A film by Stephen Nomura Schible, USA 2018, duration 65'

Concorso | Radiogram 9.45pm
A film by Rouzie Hassanova, Bulgaria 2017, 85'

Mercoledì 26 September

KyoKyoKyo vs Kurutta ippeji: Live-Score  8.30pm
A film by Teinosuke Kinugasa, Japan 1926, duration 60'

To follow: Short Films Contest  (75')

Thursday, 27 September

Session | They Live  7pm
Carpenter Djset by Christopher Angiolini

Ronin vs The Unknown: Live Score  9pm
The Unknown
A film by Tod Browning, USA 1927, duration 80'

Friday, 28 September

Short Films Contest (90')  From 4pm

Contest | *replica Radiogram  6pm
A film by Rouzie Hassanova, Bulgaria 2017, duration 85'

Contest | England is mine  8.30pm
A film by MarK Gill, UK 2017, duration 94'

Contest | Tehran Taboo  10.30pm
A film by Ali Soozandeh, Germany/Iran 2017, 96'

Saturday, 29 September

Contest | Bunch of Kunst 4pm
A film by Christine Franz, Germany 2017, duration 103'

Contest | The song of scorpions   6pm
A film by Anup Singh, India 2017, 119'

Morricone | The hateful Eight  9pm
A film by Quentin Tarantino, USA 2015, 167'

Extra Screenings

Sunday, 30 September
Cinema Sarti, Via Scaletta, Faenza (RA) 
Morricone Diabolik  4.30pm
A film by Mario Bava, Italy 1968, duration 90'
Free admission. In collaboration with MEI

Wednesday, 10 October
Circolo Abajur - Via Ghibuzza, 12 Ravenna
Carpenter | 1997 - Fuga da New York • 9pm
A film by John Carpenter, Usa 1981, duration 109'
Free admission reserved for Aics members

Sunday, 14 October

Circolo Abajur - Via Ghibuzza, 12 Ravenna
Carpenter | Fuga da Los Angeles  9pm
A film by John Carpenter, Usa 1996, duration 101'
Free admission reserved for Aics members

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