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ItineRA • 2nd Edition

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ItineRA • 2nd Edition
Several places of the city
Dates: du 29/09/2018 to 14/10/2018, except on 01/10/2018

After the success of the first edition, Trail Romagna organises again this year ItineRA, an event dedicated to walks, the slowness of living time and aimed at discovering the environment, the history and the culture of one's own land.

Meetings, trainings and walks, but also music and convivial moments, from Saturday 29th September to Sunday, 14th October, Ravenna will be a meeting point for enthusiastic and curious people, in order to return to the origins and put particular attention on the simple gesture of a step, in order to re-discover the self- and the world's consciousness.

Tours are held in Italian only


Friday, 12th October

Walking words
Strolling around and discovering weeds and herbs
Meeting point: Kirecò, via Don Carlo Sala 7
Time: 6pm

A herb-based and literary walk, searching for the herbs to eat and good stories to tell. With the company of Fabio Fiori, author of “Erba buona. Ricettario di un girovago” (Stampa Alternativa, 2018).
Free Participation. Vegetarian dinner @Kirecò 18  (dinner with limited seats, the menu is available on the site of TrailRomagna). Online booking on Trailromagna

Saturday, 13th October

Darsena Urban Walk 
Meeting point: via dell’Almagià
Time: 3.30pm

On the occasion of the FAI autumn days, an itinerary (3,5km or 10,5 km) across water, urban archaeology and suburbs (Running is not allowed!)
Participation fee: €8 (with guide, refreshment @Kirecò and final Aperitivo) - TrailRomagna card owners: €5

Walking among Pine trees and cones

Meeting point: Pine forest of San Vitale, Cà Vecia
Time: 9.30am

Silvia Togni, writer and tourist and environment guide, will explain the history of Ravenna through the Pine forests. The itinerary will start with a green breakfast.colazione green.

Sunday, 14th October

Words and walks
The Myth of the Greek Virgin Mary
Meeting point: La Torraccia, via Marabina
Time: 9.30am (bus departure from Viale Santi Baldini, at 8.45am)

Walking, from Torraccia until arriving in Santa Maria in Porto (km 9.5). Itinerary with storytelling, between history and myth, with Giovanni Gardini, an expert of Christian ichonology. The event will end with the music of Talamh de Focu.
Participation fee €10; TrailRomagna card owners €7 (the price includes guide, final pasta party @Chalet and final concert) Transport from Chalet to Turrazza: €2.
Online booking on Trailromagna (limited seats)


Saturday, 29th September

A stroll with Dora Markus - Sweet Anxiety of the East
Meeting point: Marinara Touristic Port (Meno4anta) - Marina di Ravenna
Time: 3.30pm (Fitwalking exhibition, at 3pm)

Free walk or fitwalking along the dock (about 6km), with surprises and final refreshment
Free participation for all the owners of the Trail Romagna Card (if you want to purchase one, cards will be sold at a special price: €5). Online booking on TrailRomagna 

Sunday, 30th September

Peninsula Boscoforte
Meeting Point: Ferry-Boat area on the river Reno (Sant'Alberto, RA)
Time: 3pm

Meditative walk (about 5km), guided by Erika Leonelli, founder of Spazio Olistico QuieOra
Fitwalking itinerary (11 km) guided by Ciro Costa (Trail Romagna instructor) crossing the peninsula Boscoforte, open for the occasion, up to the Valleys of Comacchio

Participation fee: €10 (including guide, ferry-boat ride, refreshment); TrailRomagna card owners €6
Online booking on TrailRomagna 

Tuesday, 2nd October

Stories and Visions
Cinema and walks
Meeting point: Osteria Passatelli - Via Ponte Marino, 19 - Ravenna
Time: 6pm

Daniele Menarini (co.editor of Corriere) will participate again in ItineRA with Andrea Schiavon (journalist of TuttoSport and writer), to talk about sports and passion. Selection and film editing by Francesca Grana
Free participation. Shared dinner: €25. Online booking on TrailRomagna (limited seats)

1px dotted #2667a1;">Wednesday, 3rd October

Walking words
Food for everyone
Meeting point: Fraternità San Damiano - Via Oberdan, 6 - Ravenna
Time: 6pm

Eco-friendly food and social kitchens, for a modern support to the initiatives against poverty.
Event dedicated to solidarity, organised by 
Alessandro Barban, General Prior of the Camaldolesi Monks, Don Claudio Ciccillo, founder of Fraternità San Damiano and Franco Chiarini, CheftoChef Emilia Romagna Cuochi.
Free Participation. Social dinner €18 (part of the proceeds will be allocated to Fraternità San Damiano)
Online booking on Trailromagna (limited seats)

Thursday, 4th October

Walking words
Arts on the roas
Meeting point: Ca’ della Aquara - Pine Forest of Classe
Time: 6pm

An itinerary about "walking" artists, from Stie to Herzog, passing through Dino Campana. Franco Masotti, Ravenna Festival artistic co-editor and Vince Vallicelli, percussions between earth and water, taken from I Quattro Elementi
Free Participation. Final dinner with the protagonists €18
Online booking on Trailromagna (limited seats)

Friday, 5th October

Monasteries of the 3rd Millennium
Suggestions for a sustainable economy
Meeting point: Classense Library, in the section 'Sala Dantesca'
Time: 5pm

Maurizio Pallante, the founder of Movimento per la decrescita felice, talks about monasteries, combining philosphy education with political experiences, scientific contaminations and economic incursions. Natale Brescianini, a Camaldolese monk, will take part in the event, while Fausto Piazza will talk with the authors.
Free participation. Social dinner: €18
Online Booking on Trailromagna (limited seats)

Saturday, 6th October

Abbeys and pine forests in Ravenna
Inside the Monastery of Classe
Meeting point: Classense Library
Time: 10am
With Linda Kniffitz, manager of the International Mosaic Documentation Centre 

Monastery of San Giovanni Evangelista

Meeting point: San Giovanni Evangelista
Time: 3.30pm
With Paola Novara, Ravenna National Museum

For all the guided tours, participation fee: €5
Online booking on Trailromagna

Sunday, 7th October

Meditations in the Pine Forest of Classe
Meeting point: Parco I Maggio - Fossa Ghiaia (Ravenna)
Time: 3.30pm

Enjoy the meditative walk with Alex Bayer, a Camaldolese monk, retracing our ancient Camaldolesi predecessors. The walk will end with a green refreshment @Casetta delle Aie. Yoga mats and pillow/blanket are compulsory for the meditation. 

Monday, 8th October

Sicilian Itineraries
Meeting point:  Salone dei Mosaici,  via IX febbraio
Time: 6pm

La Magna via Francigena with Davide Comunale, writer
Talk with the author Paolo Benini

Concert with Agata Leanza, voice  Teo Ciavarella, piano: Profumo di Rosa e altre note di SiciliaAt the end of the concert, street tapas e Sicilian Aperitivo (compulsory booking)
Free participation. Sicilian Aperitivo @Salone dei mosaici: €10
Online booking on Trailromagna

Tuesday, 9th October

The art of packing a rucksack
Meeting point: Giardini pubblici, viale Santi Baldini 4 
Time: 6pm

Andrea Mattei (publisher of ediciclo editore). Talk with the author Sabina Ghinassi
Free participation. Social dinner @Antico Circolo Il Mullner: €18 (limited seats, the menu is available on the site of TrailRomagna). Online booking on Trailromagna

Wednesday, 10th October

The Monastery of San Vitale
Meeting point: Ravenna National Museum, Via San Vitale 17
Time: 6pm

With Emanuela Fiori, director of Ravenna National Museum 

Thursday, 11th October

Walking Words
In the emptiness the walks of the forgotten ones
Meeting point: Terme di Punta Marina - Lungomare C. Colombo, 161 - Punta Marina Terme
Time: 6pm

Nicolò Giraldi (publisher of ediciclo editore) talks with author Fausto Piazza
Free participation. Fish dinner @Ristorante Marlin Beach: €25 (dinner with limited seats, menu available on the site of TrailRomagna. Online booking on Trailromagna

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