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C'entro in bici

A free bicycle rental service for tourists and visitors in the city.

A numbered key issued free of charge at the IAT (Tourist Information Centre) in Piazza San Francesco, 7 and at the IAT "Teodorico" (Via delle Industrie, 14) is required to use the yellow bicycles, upon prior registration of the user. Each key can be used in all racks. Once the user has taken the bike to the original rack, he/she can retrieve the key and return it to the IAT.

Bicycles can be used every day up to 30 minutes before IAT's closing time.

An ID is required to use the bycicles. Bikes:
> cannot be used by people under 18 years even if accompanied by parents;
> are not suitable for a second passenger (including a child)
> cannot be used for organized tours.

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