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Renting a bike is an easy and funny way to discover the beauties of the city of Ravenna!

As in many other cities in Italy, the new oBike bike-sharing platform, a new free-floating rental service, is available also in Ravenna now.

The sharing system is very easy: the bikes do not need to be left at a specific bike depot and they can be used through a mobile app that you can download from Google Play or App Store.

With the App, you can find all the available bikes through the GPS technology and you can unlock them through the univocal QR code written on them. Thanks to the free-floating system, the bikes can be left in any public space, important is that they do not hinder the traffic flow or people walking.


How it works

1. Unlock: use the oBike app to scan the QR code of the nearest bike and unlock it.
2. Ride anywhere, anytime.
3. Park safely in a suitable spot and lock your bike.

Times and availability

Always available


0,50€ every 30 minutes
Against the payment of a 5€-deposit that is given back at any time

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