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The marinas of Ravenna

If you decide to reach Ravenna by sea, you can berth at many interesting spots situated on the coast of Ravenna. The territory boasts a wide range of landing places such as Marina Romea, an elegant resort full of facilities for both sport and sailing lovers and Porto Corsini in Marina di Ravenna, a huge port situated only a few kilometres away from the city centre.

Marinara International Tourist Harbour in Marina di Ravenna is the best destination for those needing modern and safe facilities. It is one of the biggest structures in Italy, providing all kind of services for crafts, the most sophisticated surveillance systems and the necessary equipment for sailboats and motorboats, as well as shops, yacht clubs and a residential hotel. 


The port of Casalborsetti is situated at the mouth of a canal and consists of two largely silted up piers, which stretch out into the sea for 300 metres. Due to the shallow waters, only small boats can enter this port, mooring on both sides of the canal.

Coordinates: 44°33' N - 12°17' E 
Depth: 2 m 
Radio VHF: Channel 10 (continuous listening)
Berths: 260

Porto Turistico
Marina di Porto Reno   
Via degli Scariolanti - Casal Borsetti
Cell. +39 333 3238223 • Email: 


Marina Romea

The small tourist port of Marina Romea is located at the mouth of the river Lamone and is protected by two piers. On the southern bank, Circolo Nautico di Marina Romea (Marina Romea Yacht club) manages the moorings of six 35-metre long jetties. The port can host up to 111 boats, max. length: 12 metres. 

Coordinates: 44°30' N - 12°17' E 
Depth: from 1 to 1.40 m 
Radio VHF: Channel 16
Berths: 111

Circolo Nautico Marina Romea A.S.D.
Viale Italia, 307 - Marina Romea
Tel. / Fax. +30544 446304
Website: • Email:


Marina di Ravenna - Porto Corsini

The port of Marina di Ravenna is the only port in the region Emilia Romagna. Thanks to its strategic location, this port occupies a leading position in the trade with the Eastern Mediterranean lands and the Black Sea and plays an important role in the trade with the Middle and Far East too. It is a 14 km-long channel, the entrance of which is situated between the South pier and the Marinara tourist port. In Italy, the port of Marina di Ravenna is the leader in the handling of cereals, flours and fertilizers; it is also an important port of call for various goods and for containers.

Coordinates: 44° 29'  N - 12° 17' E 
Depth: from 0,6 to 4m 
Radio VHF: Channel  16 
Berths: 700 Max. boat length: 15 m.

Autorità portuale di Ravenna
Via Antico Squero, 31 - Ravenna
Tel. +39 0544 608811 • Fax. +39 0544 608888


Marinara - Marina di Ravenna

Created on an area of 156.000 square metres of water with a depth of 5 metres, 1.100 berths for crafts, the port of Marinara offers a complete range of services for all types of sailing or motor boats, as well as shops, yacht clubs and a residential hotel. The 400m-wide entrance of the port is protected by two 2.8km-long breakwaters. 

Via Marinara 11/r - Marina di Ravenna.
Tel. +39 0544 531644 • Fax. +39 0544 531709 
Website: • Email: 
Berths: 1.100

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