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Public Car Parks

In the city centre there are several free and pay&display public areas where you can to park your vehicle.


1. Antico Lazzaretto (Piazzale Antico Lazzaretto, via Monsignor Lanzoni; 224 spaces); 2. Atalarico (Via Atalarico; 80 lots); 3. Rocca Brancaleone (Via Rocca Brancaleone; 85 lots); 4. De Foix (Via Gastone De Foix; 25 lots); 5. Teodorico (Piazza F.lli Minardi, via Chiavica Romea; 90 lots); 6. Teodorico via Park (Via Teodorico; 84 lots); 7. Moro (Piazza Aldo Moro; 109 lots); 8. Sant'Anna (Via Sant'Anna / Via Girolamo Rossi; 38 lots); 9. Gallegari (Via Fiume Montone Abbandonato; 88 lots); 10. Vacchi (Piazzale Natalina Vacchi; 248 lots); 11. Orto Siboni (Circonvallazione al Molino; 67 lots); 12. Molino (Via Molino; 50 lots); 13. S. Rocco (Piazzetta Anna Magni / Via Romolo Ricci; 23 lots); 14. Serra (Via Renato Serra; 80 lots); 15. Tredici Giugno (Piazzale Tredici Giugno, via Renato Serra; 92 lots); 16. Delle Blacherne (Piazzale delle Blacherne / Circonvallazione Piazza D'Armi; 106 lots)

1. Pala Mauro De André (Via Trieste / Via Destra Canale Molinetto; 1021 spaces); 2. Cinema City (Via Secondo Bini; 1277 spaces); 3. Car park of Via Trieste (Strada Statale 67), between Marina di Ravenna and Punta Marina Terme

1. Della Resistenza (Piazza della Resistenza; 145 lots); 2. Torre Umbratica (Piazzale Torre Umbratica / Via di Roma; 136 lots); 3. Rossi G.B. (Piazzale G.B. Rossi; 62 lots); 4. Mameli (Piazza Mameli; 62 lots); 5. Alighieri (Via Beatrice Alighieri - ingresso parcheggio; 82 lots); 6. Segurini (Piazzale Segurini / Via di Roma / Via Santi Baldini; 62 lots); 7. Ricci (Via Romolo Ricci; 21 lots); 8. D'Annunzio (Piazza D'Annunzio; 25 lots); 9. Monfalcone (Via Monfalcone; 44 lots); 10. Duomo (Piazza Duomo; 14 lots); 11. Baracca (Piazza Baracca; 80 lots); 12. Largo Firenze (Largo Firenze; 111 lots); 13. Randi Missiroli (Viale Randi, via Missiroli; 45 lots); 14. Giustiniano (Largo Giustiniano, via Don Minzoni; 318 lots);  15. Piazza Anna Magnani


In Piazza Baracca and Piazza Resistenza, there are stalls for the parking of motorcycles equipped with MotoParking system. The system allows the custody of helmets and personal items in a large steel closet-container and the safe locking of the motorbike

1. Piazza Della Resistenza (free parking). The car park is equipped with water/waste water facilities. Bus drivers can let passengers off and then drive to the free parking near Cinema City in Via Secondo Bini. The city centre and the Basilica San Vitale can be reached from Piazza Della Resistenza through a walkway on the walls in about 10 minutes;

2. Piazzale Aldo Moro. Parking is permitted for 30 minutes in the stalls for tourist buses, in order to carry out the operations of picking up and letting off passengers. Piazza Farini (train station) and the city centre can be reached through lifts and a subway in about 5 minutes. Buses can then reach the long-stay parking at Pala de Andrè free car park;

3. Piazza Fratelli Minardi. Parking is free for tourist buses with no time limit. The car park is equipped with water/waste water facilities. The car park is located next to the Park and Mausoleum of Theodoric; 

4. Parcheggio Pala de André. Free parking spaces without time limits. The entrances of the car park are located in via Trieste and Via Destra Canale Molinetto. Bus stop close to the car park. At the ticket machines you can buy the 1-zone "24-hour ticket" valid on all bus lines of Ravenna for 3€;

5. Parcheggio Cinema City. Free parking spaces without time limits. Bus stop close to the car park. At the ticket machines you can buy the 1-zone "24-hour ticket" valid on all bus lines of Ravenna for 3€.

1. Piazza Della Resistenza. Pay and display car park allowed for a maximum of 24 hours (18 lots available). The parking is equipped with water/waste water facilities

2. Piazza Fratelli Minardi. Free parking and no time limit. The car park is equipped with water/waste water facilities. It is located right next to the Park and the Mausoleum of Theodoric, and a bike path allows you to get to the centre (Rocca Brancaleone) in 10-15 minutes. Bus stop close to the car park.

With myCicero app (AndroidIOSWindows Phone), it is now possible to pay for the parking in the car parks of Ravenna directly with your smartphone or mobile phone.

On their arrival at the car park, smartphone owners can activate myCicero App (for Android, IOS and Windows phone) by selecting “sosta” (i.e. parking) and then switch it off on departure.
Mobile phone owners can either call or send a text message to the number indicated on the sticker of the ticket machine to communicate the time of arrival to the car park and their departure. For further information: Municipality of Ravenna / myCicero app (in Italian).

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