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Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL)

An electronic control system controls all access to the Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL) of Ravenna city centre and of its surrounding areas. The system registers the plate number of all vehicles entering the zone and confronts them with the database of authorised vehicles. 
If a vehicle does not have permission to access the zone, a fine will be charged.

The Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL) access video system controls the following streets:

1. Via Baccarini; 2. Via Di Roma; 3. Via Guaccimanni; 4. Via Guerrini; 5. Via Mariani; 6. Via Matteucci; 7. Via Ponte Marino; 8. Via Rondinelli; 9. Via Cavour (entrance piazzetta Gandhi).

For information about how to enter the Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL) click here

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» Limited Traffic Zones (.pdf)

» Limited Traffic Zones map • SIRIO locations (.pdf)

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