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On holiday with your dog

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For the bathing season 2018 - 13th April - 28th October the Municipality of Ravenna has issued a specific decree to designate the public beaches where dogs are allowed:


A 100m-long stretch of public beach, close to the south side of the Over Beach establishment


A 30m-long stretch of public beach, north of the cliff that lies across the outlet of the Savio River

The ordinance foresees a series of prescriptions aimed at securing the correct use of the area and, in particular, at insuring on one hand the health and well being of the dogs and, on the other, at insuring the safety and a correct cohabitation with the people and animals that frequent the FREE BEACH, as reported hereafter:

1. Access to the beach is exclusively limited to dogs which are recorded in the registry of dogs

2. Dog owners are responsible for the well-being, control, and conduct of their animals and will be responsible, either through civil or penal provisions, for any damages or injuries to persons, animals or property caused by their animals

3. Dog owners are obliged to provide shade for their own animals with appropriate equipment, and for providing clean water for them to drink and for washing if necessary

4. Dog owners must ensure that their dogs behave appropriately in relation to the requirements for co-existence with the persons and animals using the free beach

5. Dogs must be kept on a leash no more than 1.50 m in length

6. Dog owners are obliged to carry a rigid or soft muzzle to be fitted to their dogs in case of risks to the safety of persons or animals, or on request of the competent Authorities

7. Dogs may bathe in the sea in the area of water standing opposite the zone specified above

8. Access to the area is prohibited for female dogs in heat

9. Dogs must be free of infestations of fleas, lice, and other parasites

10. Dog owners must remove immediately any excreta produced by their animals, and for this purpose they must be provided with appropriate shovels/collectors, to place said excreta in the containers installed in the area for that purpose

Infractions will be punished, if the offence does not constitute a crime, by applying administrative monetary sanctions as set out in Art. 1164 of the Code of Navigation, paragraph 1 (from 1,032.00 Euros to 3,098.00 Euros) and paragraph 2 (from 100.00 Euros to 1,000.00 Euros).

The Communal Administration of Ravenna is freed from any responsibility for damage to persons or property which could arise. The right to use the areas may be withdrawn at any time under the inalienable judgment of the Communal Administration of Ravenna, either for failure to observe the norms set out above or for reasons of safety or the public interest.


The following beaches of Ravenna have some specific areas for dogs and pets which offer their owners special services:


Conchiglia | Via al Mare, 8
Overbeach | Via Ortolani Stefano, 1
Romeo | Via Delle Ortensie, 13


Aloha Beach | Viale Italia, 117
Azzurro | Viale Italia, 155
MarisaViale Italia, 48


Waikiki Bagno Mara | Via Teseo Guerra, 27


Bagno Sottomarino | Viale delle Nazioni, 424
Bagno La duna degli Orsi
 | Viale della Pace, 60


Bagno Dolce Vita Beach Club | Via della Fontana, 56
Bagno Ettore | Via Lungomare Colombo, 44
Bagno Profumo di Mare
 | Via della Fontana, 36


Bagno Arcobaleno | Viale Petrarca, 358


Bagno Classe | Via Paolo e Francesca, 2
Bagno Passatore | Viale Matelda, 2


Bagno 2000 | Via Pessagno Emanuele n. 54
Bagno Cayo Loco
 | Via A. da Noli n. 57
Bagno Go Go Beach | Via Bering Vitus n. 105
Bagno Jamaica Beach | Via Bering Vitus n. 3
Bagno Katia | Via Pessagno n. 16 
Gustofino by Bagno Vanni | Via Caboto n. 28


Bagno Banana Beach | Via Verghereto, 46
NettunoVia Verghereto, 44
Bagno SoleLunaVia Cotignola, 19
Hotel Apollonia (Area Privata) | Via Faenza, 12

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