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The Planetarium of Ravenna (Planetarium) is located inside the Public Gardens, just behind the MAR – Ravenna City Art Museum. Opened in 1985, the observatory has a dome with a diameter of 8m and a capacity of 56 people. It regularly hosts conferences, lectures, and workshops.

The building is equipped with a ZK P2 Zeiss instrument that projects an artificial image of the sky visible to the naked eye, as it can be seen in the best environmental conditions. Over 3.000 stars of the two hemispheres can be observed through it, including the pole star, the Magellanic Clouds, the constellation of Cassiopeia, and the Southern Cross. On the terrace, it is possible to observe the sky both by day and by night. 

Closing days

Because of the Covid-19 Emergency, the observatory is closed to the public until new ministerial dispositions.


Admission: 5€
Concession: 2€

How to get there

The Planetarium is located inside the Public Gardens, 300m away from the railway station. Bus parking 50m away and car park 150m away, both in Via Santi Baldini. Bus route n. 4 (bus stop in Viale Santi Baldini). Close to MAR (City Art Museum) and to the Church of Santa Maria in Porto.

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